Sunday, June 8, 2008


To her utter delight, Sophie has at long last been freed from the confines of her crib. Woo hoo! Let's all celebrate the fact that she is now officially a BIG a BIG GIRL BED! Party time!

But first, let's pause briefly to observe a moment of respectful silence for her parents, who enjoyed their last full night of sleep on Friday.

For those of you still picking yourself up off the floor at the thought of an almost four-year old in a crib, here are a few things probably worth mentioning:

1.) Reflux stinks. Due to the severity of it, it was medically necessary for Sophie to sleep in a Bouncy Seat. For quite the long time. (Luckily, Fisher-Price made one that was much deeper and longer than the others. We owned three, which we rotated out between the barfs.) An inclined chair was the only way to keep her comfortable and at an angle that helped reduce the number of times she would vomit in the night. Anything flat, semi-flat, flat-ish, or resembling might-be-flat-like, and it was all over. She would scream bloody stinking murder and ralph her little toenails up all night long.

2.) She slept like that from birth until around the age of two, when she figured out a.) how to get out of it and troll the house in the pitch-black of night, and b.) how to remain upright and in place on a firm pillow in a bed. It was then she was moved to a crib.

3.) ...A crib that, gloriously enough, she had NO IDEA she could get out of. Even monkey that she has always been, she didn't realize, for whatever odd reason, that the crib (just exactly like the furniture and counters and every other thing in the house) was also a conquerable object. We could plop her in her crib, and ahhhhhh, not have to see her little perky self until WE decided to get her out. She stayed put, snug as a little bug in a rug. And as the world's lightest sleeper on the planet, instead of popping out of bed every. single. time she woke up, she just rolled over and went back to sleep.

It was awesome!! ...Sniff. Was.

I'm pretty sure we would have happily kept her in there until...oh, I don't know, middle school? Maybe longer. Really, I mean, she could have just put her legs through the slats in the side for some extra stretch-out room. (Kidding!) Yeah, we finally decided we couldn't pull it off any longer. I started visualizing her friends coming over for sleep-overs, hanging out in her room, talking about cute boys. I could see it: "Yo, dude. You're syringe-fed, you sniff a blanket, AND you sleep in a crib?! I am sooo telling Brian." I decided for the sake of her future social life, it was time to make the transition from then to now.

Enter one twin bed. Complete with a flowery, "holka dot" comforter and girly heart pillows.

Operation Big Girl Now was almost all set for launch when we had a moment of THIS ISN'T GOING TO WORK! She was arranging her new little nest when she realized, oh no!, her buddies wouldn't remain on the bed. She had piled all eight of them up there with her and watched tearfully as they kept falling off one side or the other. First it was Yertle. Then puppy. When her beloved Baby Huggums hit the floor, she announced miserably: "Maaaa ma! This is the most horrible thing I've never SEEEEEN!"

That's when I sprung into action and went to Target to purchase a "Buddy Barrier". More commonly known as a bed rail. Positioned on one side, not to keep the child from falling out on her face, but to keep the buddies safe and secure in the bed.

Ahhh. All was well.

At least until 6 o'clock this morning, when the little toot decided she was awake! And ready to get up and play! SIX!!!! In the very cozy a.m. She, of course, was promptly sent back to bed. (Seriously, child, what are you thinking? Mama is not friendly in morning. And Daddy...well, you've met Daddy, right? Mr. Snore Through A Tornado? He is not fit for any type of play at this obscene hour.)

I went back to bed as well. But it didn't take. I was awake and on alert - waiting for the Wee One to silently reappear beside the bed, apparition-like to scare the ever lovin' ye doggies out of me again. (Sigh.)

...Oh, man. We had such a good run.



Mark said...

Yep...I think it's safe to say that the days of Momma sleeping until 9:00 a.m. are over. (Insert evil laugh here.) :)

Amelia said...

Oh Kristy, I can relate, we just had to move a 2 year old Oliver to a big boy bed because he finally took a swan dive out of the crib. If he were coordinated enough to just climb out that would be one thing, but the nose dive exit was the last one he ever made from the crib. He's just on the twin on the floor, and out extra long bed rail is on order, so he does end up sleeping on the floor for I'm sure part of every night. I'm not 100% sure, you see, because as you described, the very millisecond his eyes open he is UP!

However the good part was just revealed last night, when to my surprised joy, he came into our room to climb in bed with us at about 3:30 am. I'm sure most parents wouldn't consider this a good thing, but after waiting 10 years for him, it is a sweet joy to us.

Kritter Krit said...


Swan diving! Wow, graceful! You gotta at least give him points for style, right? ;)

I cannot BELIEVE how big he looks in that picture! NUTS. How's his eating these days? Any better on the barfing?

Great to hear from you.


Oh, see... You just HAD to point out the 9:00 thing, didn't you? Turkey! Yeah, I guess it's safe to assume that the "Salad Days" are over. (Insert wail here.) I guess this means Mama's gonna have to go to bed before 1:00, huh.


My life as I knew it. Whiff. =(

Bobbie (mommy2alex&riah) said...

OMG!! Too funny!! I think for sanity sake (and sleepovers) you could have kept her in there for another couple years ;) and enjoyed those 9am sleep ins!! hahaha!! I wish!! We've been crib free since he was a little over 2 and it's been a nightmare. I long for my crib!!

Anonymous said...

she's getting so old... sniff.. sniff.
we miss that little buggar!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the real world...Fia wakes up at 5-6am EVERY morning since..well since forever..remember you always Give to Get!!! Congrats to big girl bed!!!

sarah p said...

Way to go! She looks so much older sitting on the bed like that...and she has the look of sheer happiness! So glad you figured out a way to keep Yertle on the bed wit her. He's too precious to send tumbling over the edge.

sarah p said...

Looks like I got all ghetto on ya - I meant to say "witH her".

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