Sunday, May 11, 2008

What Day Is This, Exactly?

Russ to Sophie as he got her out of bed: "Hey, don't forget to give mama a big hug and tell her Happy Mother's Day when you give her card to her."

Sophie: "Is it her birthday?"

Russ: "No, it's Mother's Day."

Sophie: "What's that?"

Russ: "It means it's her day. It's a day to celebrate mothers."

Sophie: "Why? Because it's Valentime's? Christmas! Is it Happy Halloween?"

Russ: "No. Just Mother's Day."

Sophie: "Ooo. Can it be my day too? I'm a big girl. C'mon, let's get a balloon and cake!"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You're right...perfect card! Did she pick it out? Also, did she provide the note on the card, or was that Russie's contribution? Even if she were a twin, there would only be one Sophie. The other twin would have no personality since Sophie obviously got her 100% plus! I love that bongie curl over her left eye! Love, Mooms

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