Thursday, May 15, 2008

First Trip To The Dentist - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Sophie had her first trip to the dentist this morning.

The Pediatric Dental Associates is like Disney World for teeth. When we walked in the door, Sophie let out a little "wow!" under her breath and looked up at me like, "You've got to be kidding! Why haven't we been here before?!" The office was set up like a big aquarium, complete with a giant fish tank and huge octopus, shark, dolphins, and underwater scuba diver.

The good. Besides having an amazing setting, the staff was wonderful as well. They were very knowledgeable about children and adept at making a trip to the dentist's office truly enjoyable. Sophie was great. She climbed up on the cleaning bed, put on her super cool little Terminator sunglasses, opened her mouth, and held as still as a statue while the hygienist went to work. She was a little darling, indeed. I was one proud mama. The poor mom beside us was not so proud. Her little darling was being held down by four assistants, while she screamed bloody murder and fought with the strength of ten Marines. I gave the frazzled mom my best, "No worries. Not your fault..." smile. I mean, seriously, what can you do? You never know how little kids will react to the unknown. Especially when bright lights and loud, whirring noises in their mouths are involved.

The bad. My fear about Sophie cutting teeth early and having reflux to the degree that she has it has come true. She has four cavities. One severe enough to require a cap. When the dentist told me that, I know I turned fifty shades of red. (Great! Move over Thrasher Kid's Mom, now look who's embarrassed. Apparently I'm one of those moms who can't figure out how to brush her kid's teeth! Huh. And all this time I thought Kristy was a good mother.) The funny thing was as soon as the dentist looked in her mouth, she immediately asked, "Did she have reflux?" I said, "Yes!" (Basically Rocket Vomited from birth until before yesterday?) "How can you tell?" I asked. She explained that kids with reflux tend to be way more prone to cavities. Basically the acid sits on the teeth and breaks down the enamel, causing tiny soft spots in the teeth for the bacteria to get trapped in. And when you combine cutting teeth early (Sophie was equipped to eat steak by ten there's a hearty dose of irony!), with not being able to properly brush those teeth (she would gag and vomit and buck around like a wild banshee if we so much as TOUCHED her mouth until six months ago)...well, the result is not good.

The result is one mortified mother.

The ugly. For those of you who thought the mouth full of shiny silver was the ugly, au contraire. That would be the ridiculously high cost of dental care. Four separate trips (due to the limited amount of injectable anesthesia you can give a small child) and $507 later, and we should have our first dental experience under our belt. FIVE HUNDRED AND SEVEN DOLLARS, people. And that's with insurance.

Serenity now.

Let's all have a moment of silence for the cute little outdoor patio set that was going to be adopted into our family. Was. Very past tense. Ah, well. It's kind of fun to squat by the grill and eat our hamburgers and veggie kabobs. Maybe we can flambe the weenies on the grill in Soph's mouth.



Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Sophie's cavaties. I just hope the next few appts go smootly. No more being rediculous about this "bad mother" SYRINGE fed the child to keep her alive. Cavaties are a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things!

Kritter Krit said...

Aw, you're the sweetest! Smooches, buddy. Thanks for the encouragement. I'll let you know how it goes.

sarah p said...

Ok, that last paragraph was hilarious. Picturing Sophie sportin' a grill is quite humorous.

And, OH MY, I want to go to that dentist. I don't love the dentist all that much. I'm pretty sure a big octopus and terminator glasses would make my trip better. Way to go Sophie! What a trooper!

I see that Sophie has Yertle the Turtle under her arm for protection. We just got Yertle for Jackson last week. He's adorable!

Jen Forbes said...

You're HILARIOUS!! Sorry about the cavities and the huge bill,...I thought you were a good mother! HA! Really, though, you made me laugh, like always.
On a different note, I tried to post a comment yesterday and for some reason it didn't take. It was something along these lines: What the HECK is with the pictures in the glamour girl clothes ads on your blog? Do you have a say as to what they put on there? I have to shoo my girls from the room just to check out life on the reflux rollercoaster. Try teaching modesty to four girls in this cleavage-sportin', butt-crack ridden ain't easy!
Sorry about the ranting...I'm done.

Lora Lee said...

I feel your pain. DeLane had to have his front four teeth pulled at her age due to the rotting. He got his teeth way early also, and the enamel didn't produce like it should. Look on the bright side at least you have insurance. We paid cash to have his four teeth pulled, then paid cash for dentures that only last 10mos. Our pediatric dentist sucked. She didn't put in the right kind of dentures that would grow with his mouth, so after 10mos his dentures fell out. And now he is 13 with braces so keep your insurance, you will need it in the future.:)

Kritter Krit said...


I know, isn't Yertle so stinkin' CUTE? And soft! I wish he was MY buddy. =)


Yeah, once again I'm hangin' out with Patti at Bad Mother Camp. Who knew THAT ONE was going to come back and bite me on the rear so many times!! ;)

Oh, no! I didn't see Glamour Girl! Yeah, I don't have any control over the ads they stick on there. Google is supposed to match the ads to the text content. (I can't imagine WHAT in the world I could have said to get a visit from Hoochie Mama!) The ads are actually Russ's gig. He's the one who thinks that's our ticket to the big bucks. (HEE!) I'll try to watch them more carefully. If they continue to be crappaloo, I'll have Russ yank them. I definitely don't want you having to shoo the girls out just to read me! Sorry, buddy.

Lora Lee,

I know. That's immediately what I thought of when we exited the dentist at THREE with that large a bill - we haven't even gotten to the Orthodontics Years!

Kristie said...

I am terrified of taking Preston to the dentist for what they will tell me about his teeth. Ive gotton read the right act by the GI dr the last two visits. I just can imagine what a ordeal it will be, he still flips out if anyone comes near his mouth even though his eating aversions are way behind us.

Sorry about the huge bill! You are a awesome mother!, and friend. What would we have all done without your support during those dark times of life.

Lisa said...

Sophie, WAY TO GO being so brave at the dentist!! Aunt Lisa, Uncle Zach, Sol and Nora are very proud of you!

Sol is due for his first trip to the dentist soon. I hope the pediatric dentist office in Springfield is HALF as exciting as the one you guys went to!

Kris and Russ- yikes. Giant bummer about the bill. But Kristen was right on with her comment about you feeling guilty, Kristy. No guilt allowed after everything you did to keep that girl healthy and hydrated! And now to see her wolf down a plate of food makes my jaw hit the table. Four cavities and $500...small potatoes. She eats!!!

And Jen Forbes' comment about this
"cleavage-sportin', butt-crack ridden world" made me laugh...but it's so true! Lord help us to raise pure-of-heart little girls and guys with the Maxim calendar proudly displayed right by the toy section in Wal-Mart. Ugggh.


Kritter Krit said...

Well, aren't you guys just the sweetest! =)

Today they did the bottom two fillings. Sophie did so well on the first one, it was QUICK, so they went ahead and did the second one.

The dentist used resin. She said most practices don't use silver anymore (even though it no longer contains mercury), except for with caps. So the fillings are totally invisible. They blend in perfectly with her teeth. Yay! No evidence of what was!


P.S Lisa your "Maxim calendar in the toy section" cracked me up! I know, man, it's getting harder and harder to filter what their little eyes see!

Anonymous said...

Cheech, that last line was truly hilarious...I could picture it...truly funny. Sorry about the dental bills. I can't believe that's WITH insurance. Wow! Maybe your dad went into the wrong area of the human body. Hope Sophie continues to be a trooper through all the cavity repair. I'll stand respectfully while you play Taps over that patio furniture. Love, Mooms

sarah p said...

We miss your posts! Hope everything is going alright with you guys and with Sophie's grill.

Love you guys!

Lisa said...

Helloooooooo out there.

Are you there? Hope you guys are doing okay. Miss your posts! I might have to put my thinking cap on and hop over to Russ's blog. : )


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