Friday, May 9, 2008

Basking In The Brett-isms

Sorry if I'm out of commision a bit over the next few days. Our most excellent buddy from college, Brett, is visiting from North Carolina, and we've been busy showing him the delightful sights of our fair little town.

He, in turn, has been providing us some quality entertainment. Oh, yes. In that special way only Brett can.

For example, this morning before anybody got up, I was in the kitchen mulling around. I heard Brett talking and thought, uh oh, Sophie is upstairs. But no, as it turned out, Brett was downstairs. In our bedroom. In our bed, in fact...along with Russ and Sophie. Just hanging out, with the covers pulled up. Greeting the morning gently. Wearing his Heinz ketchup t-shirt. Because, as he explained, he's a "hot dawg".

The second I walked into the room he turned and asked: "So. Does that fan upstairs have a speed other than Katrina and off?"

Let me tell you, the boy has a way with words. Rather than try to remember all of the noteworthy "isms", I need to just walk around with a pen and paper around my neck, ready to jot down...well, basically everything that comes out of his mouth.

Since our grand introduction freshman year of Hendrix, Brett has always been the friend who can make me pee my pants in hysterics. (Sadly, no, that's not hyperbole. That's the need for new drawers.) But his sense of humor is dry. Drrrrry. (Think week-old blue cheese, crumbly from sitting out on the counter.) So when Sophie looked over at me several times, totally confused, like "Is he he mad?", I tried to explain exactly how it is that Brett rolls.

I was converting to three-year-old language when he jumped in to help me out. "Sophie, sweetie. If I was a superhero, I'd be Sarcasmo."

Her expression said "Oh. Ah. ...Say what?"

Of course, the immediate question out of my mouth was, "Ooo. Who would Russell be?" I couldn't wait to hear the answer.

Brett stretched back and said, "Oh, I don't know. I don't want to insult him before he even gets out of his jammies."


Oh, yeah. The good times - they are 'a rollin'. I'll be sure and keep you posted as the weekend progresses.

P.S. Sophie has a crush. A new crush, I guess I should say. Mark, Dave, Dylan...yeah, you guys have been replaced. With Brett, the swooning has reached nifty new leg-hugging, eye-fluttering heights. Hopefully she'll reign in this love-for-all-mankind fickle attitude before the teenage years. But, aw, for now, isn't she just so stinking cute and cuddly - beboppin' from lap to lap, sniffing her blankie and charming the pants off the menfolk?

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emily said...

There's nothing better than hanging out with good friends! I hope you guys have a great time. Happy Mother's Day!

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