Wednesday, May 7, 2008

American Idol - The Top Four

Okay, so. Kind of a weird night. I wasn't as wowed as I had hoped to be - by anybody. I mean, TOP FOUR! It was just a'ight. No goosebumps or rewinds on the DVR.

Jumping right in...

David Cook

1.) "Hungry Like The Wolf." Never been a huge fan of this song (despite the whole 80's Girl take-me-back thing). But I thought, okay, David Cook. He'll do something to it that'll make me love it. Nope. First of all, something was wrong with the sound. The band was way too quiet. I could barely hear them. Or maybe David's microphone was turned up insanely loud. I don't know - whatever it was, I know it wasn't his fault, but it wasn't good. It had a drunk-singer-screaming-at-the-wedding feel to it. Second, "doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-dii-doo-doooooooo" is just not the greatest expression of lyrical genius ever written. I thought surely DC would do something different to that line. ...But then, what could he have done to it that wouldn't cause Duran Duran fans the world over to tar and feather him ? Yeah. All in all, not his best performance. But I still love him. Although apparently not as much as Paula. Her "wolf/appetite" comment made me ralph a little in my mouth. But not as much as when she let out an overly breathy sigh and announced: "I'm humbled to sit here and watch your soul." Eee. Seriously? How 'bout next time if she just yells out "Ooo, baby! You make me tingle!"

2.) "Baba O'Riley." Huh? Am I missing something or does that song title make zero sense? And "it's only teenage wasteland"? Again, say what? I guess I'll have to ask Pete Townshend what the heck. That said, good song choice. Or at least, good rendition. I actually haven't the foggiest clue what the original song sounds like. But it seemed to yield itself nicely to that melancholy mood that David C. thrives in. (Which brings me to - did anyone else get a sad vibe from David tonight? He seemed droopy. It made me want to grab through the screen and hug him.) This was the only song of the night that I really enjoyed. It was the only one that sounded "current", to borrow from Simon (who is looking to make wads and wads of sweaty cash off of someone marketable). But I would like to say: Yoo hoo, David. Fashion Police alert. A shiny metallic pinstripe suit, v-neck thermal shirt, and dangly necklaces (plural) - not a good look. Not even for a super cool rocker dude who can pull off most any ensemble.

Syesha Mercado

1.) "Proud Mary." She looked in the mirror. And looked at herself. And said, "Syesha. Just do it." So she did. She embraced the fear. And truth be told, it wasn't horrible. For anyone else it would have been a disaster. But for our little supermodel singer, it almost worked. Her legs certainly did Tina Turner proud. But then she started flinging herself around the stage and shrieking, causing a severe case of whiplash and the shimmy shakes. And she lost me. But then again, what else can you do with "Proud Mary"? I guess she just shouldn't have gone there. Toss Tina in the pile with Mariah and Whitney and just walk away, people! The comparison thing will always bite you in the rear.

2.) "A Change Is Gonna Come." It was a good performance, despite the number of notes that she held for a ridiculously looooooooong tiiiiiiiiiiime. I mean, seriously, if she would've been a record spinning on the turntable, I would've thought she was stuck. In my opinion, though, Randy was a tad harsh in his critique of her performance. Apparently in this case, she wasn't enough like the original artist. Mr. Dawg got all wonky and whipped out the furrowed brow after Syesha mixed things up a bit because "Sam Cooke's version is perfect" and "shouldn't be messed with". Hmm. Okay? I thought she did do a good job showcasing her vocal range. I can definitely see her doing Broadway. Easily. More so, in fact, with each performance. Actually, the problems I had with this song had nothing to do with the singing. A.) What was going on with the peekaboo cleavage? Her oh so ample chest was so mooshed, it was about to break free and burst out that peep-hole in the front of her dress. Quite frankly, that's all I could focus on. I kept thinking, uh oh, they come! And B.) What was up with the waterworks? I understand researching a song and becoming affected by its emotional history, but holy heckydern! Somebody needed to hand the girl some Gatorade - fast. She was sobbing like she'd been kicked off the show. Or won a Grammy. Or mistaken her contact lens solution for a bottle of pepper spray. ...Or maybe she was just channelling Brooke and taking up where she left off last week.

Jason Castro

1.) "I Shot The Sherriff." When Jason was doing his little interview thingee prior to singing and he announced his song choice, I immediately thought, oh no!, say it ain't so. All I could think of was that poor guy during auditions last year who mutilated the song - singing "I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputeeeeeee..." over and over. And over and over and over. In that nasally falsetto voice that made me shoot Coke out my nose. And although Simon kept his hand completely over his whole face the duration of this song and Randy gave him the very uncomplimentary "Jas, oh man...", I actually didn't think it was horrible. But maybe I just like seeing Jason stare into the camera with his Baby Blues and get his groove-thang on.

2.) "Mr. Tambourine Man." Started off great. Really good. I was getting into it. Oh, but then wait, the words have escaped him and now he's just muttering muh uh uh uh uh uh uh...following you. At first I just thought he was doing a great impression of Bob Dylan. But nope, it wasn't that. (The shot of the little girl in the audience, frozen mid-clap, mouth gaping open was priceless. It was like, "Oh, my sweet lover dreamboat, even I have to acknowledge that this isn't working for me!") Jason, Jason, Jason. All the Aggie alums in the world can't save you this time. You gigged 'em. Fo 'sho.

David Archuleta

1.) "Stand By Me". Good. Fine. Great voice. But he just zzzzzzzzzzzz... Oh, sorry, wait, where am I? ...BORES me to death. Poor sweet little nervous boy (he needs to stop holding his breath while the judges critique him or he's going to fall face-first into their laps). This is supposed to be rock night. ROCK. Grrrrrrr! Give me some grit. Instead, nope, David has taken a Quaalude and will now sing us a lullaby.

2.) "Love Me Tender." Hee hee. Love me tender? The boy looks like he's eleven! Isn't there something sick and wrong about this song choice? Don't get me wrong, the kid is brilliant. He is playing up to his little teeny bopper fan club like the Song Selection Einstein that he is. They (along with my mom) are all just absolutely beside themselves with quivery delight down there in the prepubescent mosh pit. I fully expected him to toss some little pillow chocolates and roses down to his ladies at the end of his eye-closing/lip-licking/gentle-sighing performance to wrap up the wooing. I don't know. Now I feel like a big bully picking on him on the playground. But again. I can't see myself buying his CD. I just think everything he sings sounds exactly the same.


Who should go? Jason. I love the guy. But right now even his mama is saying Jason. For Pete's sake, Voting America, please, let it be Jason!

Who will go? Syesha. I hope I'm wrong. But it's one of those gut feelings.

Best of the night? David C. Always. He's in a different league.

Prediction: The finale will be a showdown between the two Davids. Kind of funny. Why do I keep envisioning David and Goliath? And even if that is what happens in the end - Little David's slingshot brings down the big giant, it'll be just fine. DA needs the direction and guidance. DC was ready to fly before the competition even started. Reminiscent of Daughtry, someone will snatch him up before he even leaves the building that night.


Daily Mish Mash said...

This is the best review I've read so far!! I laughed out loud at the "sing us a lullaby" part. David is a song selection genius. I think you may be right about Syesha going home. I think Jason still has the fan support that Syesha doesn't.

Amy said...

Great review... I just watched it this morning on DVR. I am so sad that Jason C didn't do well! I heart him because he is hot, musical talent aside. I don't think Syesha will go because she really tugged on Amerca's heart strings with that last song and her tears. i was crying before she started crying because I loved the song she sang so much. I am with you on the final 2 being the 2 Davids. I mean, lets face it..they are all going to be ok. They will probably all get some sort of record deal.

Mark said...

Don't they teach memorization skills down there in College Station? Man...they'll let anybody into that place. ;-)

emily said...

I totally agree with you about David A. Travis and I were saying that everyone else gets criticized when they do the same type of song over and over, but the judges ooh and ahh over David every week when all he ever does are ballads. I do think he has a good voice, but I think the judges think he does no wrong. You'd love to be in our living room as we're watching...Travis does a great imitation of David's breathy, humble response to his praise by the judges!

I agree, I have a bad feeling about Syesha. I hope she doesn't go tonight, but she's been in the bottom three so much I don't know if she'll make it though another week. Oh the drama!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recap. I don't watch the show, but now I can take part in water-cooler talk based on your review alone :)

Anonymous said...

You and I were thinking exactly alike on everything except David A. The long notes from S., the moronic comment from Paula about the soul, the not-quite-there DAvid Cook, and even his mom is saying bench him to Jason. I did think Syesha's tears were a little too timed; I think it was manipulation tears. Randy dissed her, and she knew Simon would, so she quickly thought, "Maybe I can cause Simon to change his mind by pitying me." It worked! He is a sucker for crying women! Some will say I'm hard, but that's my take on those tears. Well, the show's over, and, I think, Jason's relieved. I think it is remarkable that he is the third runner-up! He did it on charm. The boy is a doll with a personality to match! Love, Mooms

Lorrie said...

I couldn't agree more on your predictions! I love me some David Cook!

Defendthyself said...

Great review!I have read so far! I don't think Syesha will go because she really tugged on Amerca's heart strings with that last song and her tears. But I never thought that she will open the lens with the Pepper Shot Pepper Spray inside it and sprayed. Its too bad for her future. Anyhow you have given an nice mixed information on pepper spray and American Idol.

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