Monday, May 5, 2008

Ah, Sweet Internet, How I've Missed You

I don't know what happens in Mena, but it always seems like Sophie comes back looking and acting so much older after she's been there.

Mom and dad's house is a bit behind when it comes to technology (most specifically: the internet). You might as well write a letter to someone and send it by Pony Express, rather than wait for the silly computer to connect to try and send an email. But, although I feel a bit out of the loop, life is always more peaceful there. Sophie and Moomsie spend the day going on "adventures" - exploring the woods around the house, watching baby birds hatch, going to the lake to throw rocks from the dock, making pinch pots in the clay shop.

Yeah. Mena is pretty much Disney World to Sophie.

Turns out a bit of an adventure was occurring here at the house while we were away...

Poor little maple tree. Blown down before its time.

Have I mentioned lately that I'm not a fan of the freakadoo weather around here? No? Okay. I'm not. Wind is definitely on my list of things that aren't better here than in New Mexico. Although, I guess it could have been worse. At least we didn't return to an unwelcome trampoline in the back yard. ...Cripes. Or that really big Razorback lawn ornament from the neighbor's house.



Russ said...


Those are some great pictures of Soph, but your description left out the most impressive thing: my very manly display of strength and vigor when I cut up the tree with my new ax. Isn't the internet a wonderful thing?

Kritter Krit said...

Yeah, pictures of you with your ax would have been a treat for the readers. But, you know, some things have to be left to the imagination. ;)

Mark said...

Man...I go for a week without seeing Sophie and now she looks like a teenager!

As for the Arkansas weather, even those of us who've been around for a while are confused this year. What in the heck did you guys bring from New Mexico?


Josh & Margo said...

Wow, an ax, Russ is old school. If you ever need to borrow my chainsaw, let me know or if you need me to haul off that cut up tree let me know.

Kritter Krit said...


Yeah, I mentioned a chainsaw. Russ's response was that he would most likely cut off his foot. FAST!! Rather than a chunk at a time, like with the ax. =)

Thanks for the offer, though! And since you mention borrowing things, I read on your blog that you have the means to haul stuff. Yes? Because we might really like to recruit your services to move in some bark for our beds. (We'd probably have to haul it two bags at a time in the van. Eee.) We'd pay for gas and materials, of course, and serve you and Margo a big, fat dinner and dessert afterwards for the labor involved. Sound like a deal?

Josh & Margo said...

Sounds like a deal to me. I have a truck and trailer. If you don't care what kind of mulch you get, the city of Fayetteville sells their general mulch for $10 a truckload which is super cheap and what I use. If you want something special that looks really nice like cedar mulch or pine bark you would have to get it at a landscape company if you want it by the truckload which is cheaper than buying it by the bag.

Kritter Krit said...


What color is "general mulch"? We're looking for something kind of dark and chunky (like bark).

But $10 a truckload - whoa, mama! That might make me throw asthetics to the wind! =)

We have company coming through Monday, so maybe sometime next weekend (if the weather is good)? I'll shoot you an email. Thanks so much for offering! I promise to feed you guys WELL. Oh, and we'll partake of that delightful conversation that you mentioned on Russ's blog. Hee!

Josh & Margo said...

Yeah, we can work out the details on email instead of here. I will be sure to bring over my copies of The Passion and The Purpose Driven Life when we come over.

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