Thursday, April 24, 2008

So Ugly They're Kind Of Cute, Maybe?

I bought these shoes today in dark brown. (Ignore the price. I sold a kidney, so it's all good.)

In lieu of a nap, Sophie and I made a trek to the mall this afternoon, where I proceeded to shamelessly try on at least twenty pairs of shoes. I haven't gone shoe shopping since before Sophie was born, so I decided, what the heck, let's dress the dogs up a bit.

I was one of "those people" in the Dillard's shoe department: put the shoes on, walk the line back-and-forth to the mirror, "hmm, maybe" a few times, then put the shoes in the massive pile beside me. Oh, yes, indeedy. The Shoe Getter Man loved me. And yes, Sophie was having a fine time being his assistant. She walked behind him carrying the silver foot-measurer thingee, saying, "M'am, um, may I measure your foot?" It was too stinking cute! (The salesman may have disagreed.)

When he brought this pair out, I thought, Really? So I look like an elderly woman who knits sweaters for my dog, huh?

But then he put them on my feet and I jumped up and high-fived myself at how ridiculously comfortable they were. Seriously. Imagine your feet on a pillow of fluffy cloud splendor. Now imagine your short, stubby, hard-to-fit, cheeseblock feet on a pillow of fluffy cloud splendor.

So you can understand why I kissed the man and offered to bear his offspring. (Or at least remove my child from the vicinity of his shoe displays.)

Here's the problem...

Should comfort be my only consideration? I mean, that's my general rule when it comes to pants (when I wear pants). Stretchy yoga pants are my BFF. Can I extend that exclusive friendship to these shoes? Or should I aim for at least one fashionable item in my wardrobe?

What do you guys think? Do I keep them, and delight in their Ugly-But-Ahhhh-edness? Or do I take them back and attempt to find something, I don't know, "hipper" (and watch the poor salesman swan dive under the counter as soon as he sees me coming)?

Unlike Russell, I have no idea how to do cute little polls. So here are your choices:

a.) They're cute! Keep 'em! (And make it a nice argyle for Fido.)

b.) They're ugly as sin. Take them back immediately. Run!

c.) They're ugly, but let comfort be your guide. (You do spend 90% of your time in stretchy pants.)

d.) Sorry, but I don't really give a poop about your shoes, Kristy.

Here's Sophie's opinion on the matter. This is the look I got when I asked her what she thought:

Followed by, "Ooo, Mama, I have an idea! We should go back to the mall and look at some toys!"

P.S Ignore the red mark on my left foot. It isn't indicative of anything. Other than the number of times I took these dudes off and put them back on. I thought during one of the offonoffonoffonoffon moments I would have some sort of lightbulb moment regarding how I felt about their cuteness. Or lack thereof.


Anonymous said...

I definitely vote A. I think they are super cute, love the color and LOVE Merrell shoes...I have a pair and they are great and soooo comfortable! Keep them and your dogs will love you :)

ps to post a poll go to the page layout area and it is a page element you can add (like starting a list etc) That is how I did my hair cut poll

Val said...

A. Definately A

Not quite the Bradys said...

Love-love-LOVE both Sophie's expression and her helpful suggestion. : ) Too funny.

I say keep 'em. Mommies need happy feet.

Anonymous said...

Definitely A. I'm all for comfort when it comes to shoes! I have a pair similar. The only trouble is if Sophie's anything like Amy - I'm a huge disappointment as I never buy Clip cloppy shoes. They definitely don't classify as clip cloppy shoes. But hey, they'll understand when they get older that as you hit your late 30s a woman needs a bit of comfort.
I had to laugh - remember 'pants' mean something different in English - reread your sentence with the English meaning in mind and you have wonder!!
Love Sally

sarah p said...

"Give me an 'A', 'A', you've got your 'A' you've got your 'A'!"

(Not sure what prompted me to go cheerleader on you)

I'm a BIG comfort person, myself...Merrell's are great - although I don't have any. My only question is: are they summery? They seem more of a fall/winter shoe...but I could be buggin'. Sorry. Didn't mean to throw a wrench in the voting. =)

Anonymous said...

Definitely (A.) Very cute.
Jen Forbes

Melissa said...

i vote a. besides, it isn't worth it to suffer for fashion. believe me, my fashion IQ is 0.

Robert (Bob) English said...

Okay, let me be a voice of honesty here. I vote C (right, Russ?). BUT, and I mean a very big BUT, they're almost cute they're so grandma-old looking. So, NOT B, but somewhere between A and C. I don't expect Russ to openly agree with me here, seeing as he'd probably like to keep eating tasty dinners. :)

Kathy said...

I have been out of the blog stalking mode lately so I just found this post...

I have a friend who saw me wearing a pair of shoes like that once and she said "and how long does the doctor say you have to wear those???"
I continue to wear those shoes and love them and I definitely vote A. Comfort, always comfort, first. Looks are a bonus.

Kristie said...

I like them as well. I think they are very cute and if there comfy where else could you go wrong. Keep them!

The Mani said...

I'm no fashion all...but I'm all about comfort. And I don't think they're ugly.

What happened to the hot mamma heels you were debating over while I was there? I'm guessing those weren't as comfy as the Merrells.

I vote A...or whatever "yes" was.

I'm horrible at keeping up with blogs. Other people's and my own. But I love catching up!

Keep 'em.


Courtney Horvath said...

Definitely A. Very cute and versatile. Although....

I did click on your link to the Merrell page, and the shoe in the bottom left hand corner called "Paris" is extremely cute as well. I may have to go and check those out :-) I am all about comfortable shoes, cuz if your dogs are barking after a long day of walking, who cares how cute your kicks are anymore, right?

(I can't take credit for the "dogs are barking" phrase. A friend in California I used to work with would always put her feet up at the end of the day and proclaim, "Oh, my dogs are barking!")

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