Monday, April 7, 2008


Okay. So perhaps we lived in New Mexico, land of xeriscaping, a tad too long to know the current trends in lawn care.

But seriously, what is going on in our neighborhood?

First, Mrs. Earnestine spray paints her grass green.

And today I went to investigate the pasture-on-fire smell permeating the house, only to find this:

Two men, dousing the neighbor's yard with some sort of gasoline-like product and then setting it aflame it with a blow torch. With a third man standing by with a rake and an absolutely-thrilled-to-be-on-board-this-project! expression.

I wanted to get a picture of the process in the act. It was actually pretty entertaining. The man with the rake was certainly kept hoppin'! But I wasn't brave enough to stand out there snapping away, with them watching me. Plus, I was scared Sophie would try to run over and help. So I settled for a shot of the end effect.

Here's what I can figure out:

1.) Flaming the grass, down to the dirt, definitely gets rid of all of the weeds.

2.) It also probably postpones the need to get out the lawnmower by several weeks. ...Months?

And while I understand the concept of burning scrub brush in a field or forest to get rid of decaying and overgrown matter (to help prevent fires), I didn't know the usefulness extended to yards in a subdivision.

Woo. I'm telling you, it's just keeps getting better around here. These people are apparently hard CORE about their yards.

We should probably do something to ours before word gets back to the Weed Police that we have a few clumps here and there. That (gasp!), we aren't doing anything about.


Lindsey said...

You know, someone in our neighborhood killed thier grass, and it came back so beautiful and green. I was stunned.. I have not idea what they did, and if it was really dead.. but I think there is some new "techniques" out there!

Lora Lee said...

Apparently you were not given the neighborhood memo on how to make grass grow. You better start joining those block parties and neighborhood crime watch meetings so that they keep you in the loop. :) I can't imagine going through that much trouble for grass, my philosophy is it better survive on rain and sunshine, I'm not the green thumb type.

Love ya'll

Lora Lee

Robert (Bob) English said...

What the hell? Must be some retirees with not enough excitement in their lives, so they figure, "Honey....I think I'm gonna burn me some grass today b/c I don't want to mow this season." Or, they're thinking if it does come back all perfect and green, it will outdo the other spray-painted yard.

Josh & Margo said...

Burning the grass does a few good things. It kills some of the weeds, it gets rid of the old dead grass that may be to thick for the new grass to grow up through, the fire warms the soil to jump start the grass growing, and the ash fertilizes the grass. It is a really beneficial thing to do especially on farm pastures but I am not sure I would do it in a subdivision.

Kritter Krit said...

Ah, Josh! A man who knows. =)

Anonymous said...

Kathy can attest to this--burning grass is a good way to trim and curl your beard. Right Steve?

Kritter Krit said...

Ooo, low blow, Anonymous.

But you certainly made me giggle! Poor Steve. =)

Anonymous said...

O.K. In my 60 years I have never seen this! Pastures, yes, forests,
yes, subdivisions, no! It looks like this yard is next to Mrs. Earnestine's---am I right? A social commentary on the variety of thought in the land of the free! You certainly have an interesting neighborhood. You're right about their apparent fixation on grass---wowie, you and Russie have your work cut out for you if you're planning on keeping up with the Joneses Love, Mooms

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