Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Okay, so...

Two antibiotic injections and two steroid injections later (and, oh, boy!, monsoon rain and hail on the drive home), and once again we're tucked back in bed.

Apparently Sophs has a really nasty sinus and ear infection. ...And a severe case of the weepies. Poor child, after sleeping exactly nada last night, every. little. thing. today makes her burst into tears. Like when we got back from the doctor's office, she couldn't find her Dora sticker. Momentarily. But long enough to cause her to sob, inconsolably. (Her mom isn't far behind in that department.)

Tomorrow morning we have to go back for Needles Part II, if she's not significantly better.

Off to the pharmacy to pick up her meds. Oh, yes. Thick, goopy, pink oral antibiotics for ten days, too! That should be an extra special dose of reflux hell.

"The sun'll come out tomorrow! Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow..." Okay. Yeah. That's all I got right now. Maybe I'll belt it out a little stronger after a nap. Thanks for praying!

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Anonymous said...

Oh poor child, those EI and sinus infections are the worst. I just hope the antibiotics kick in soon and hopefully you guys will all get some sleep too!

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