Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Shortest Path From Me To You

Moomsie and Fafa came up to visit this weekend. On Saturday the weather was beautiful, so we decided to pack up and head to the park for a bit of fun and sun. And kite flying...

*Good job, Daddy, it's up!

After that, we headed down to the cute little stream that runs through the park. While Mooms was looking for fossils, Sophie was hunting earthworms and roly polies and throwing rocks in the water. With each plop, we'd hear, "Wow, look at that giant splash, Mama! It was the huge-est!"

From behind us, we heard Fafa say, "Hey, Sophie! You wanna join me out on this rock?" (We looked over and Sophie was thrilled to see him out standing in the middle of the stream.)

She exuberantly yelled, "OKAY!"

And fastasthat! before I could even process what was happening, she proceeded to jump/belly-flop out into the water. Face-first.

The look on poor dad's face was priceless.

Sophie stood up and turned around, giving me and mom a look like, "Holy glaciers! What just happened?" Totally stunned (from the brain cells she had just frozen), she just stood there - unable to process the instructions we were giving her about how to just walk back out. Come. Forward. Sophie. We kept saying it.

Nope. Not happening. I finally had to go in and fish the little popsickle out. (While Russ stood by documenting the event in pictures.)

She was shivering. And muddy and a tad deflated. So we stripped her down...

And while Russell went back to the house to grab her some dry clothes, she happily joined Fafa out on his rock in the sunshine.

Oh, yes. We did get a few looks. I'm quite sure all the park-goers walking by thought, "What kind of lunatic mother lets her child swim in the creek this time of year? In her underwear?!"

...But, o-well.

Our kooky little Sophie - she certainly gives new meaning to "up a creek", doesn't she?

But at least one of us was totally unconcerned with what anyone else thought.


Kristie said...

Kristy, I literally just peed myself(doesnt take much for a pg girl) after reading this post and looking at the pictures. That is hysterical!!!!!

sarah p said...

That's so funny! I LOVE the look on her face after she fell in. So stunned. =)

Glad you had fun with your parents! Yea for living in Arkansas! (just a wee bit jealous)

Robert (Bob) English said...

Great idea! Just go with it, that's what I say. Whoever doesn't like it can go....oops, almost got foul-mouthed here. (Clear my throat). Whoever doesn't like it can leave. Yeah, that's the ticket. yeah.

Anonymous said...

My precious little great niece! Am I going to have to come take care of her?? My dear beloved "perfect" sister seems unable to at this point in her life (60) :)

:) Aunt Becky

Anonymous said...

I think Sophie may just be my kindred spirit. When I was about her age our family went on a picnic with another family who had a little boy my age. My mother brought several changes of clothes just in case. By the end of the day I had fallen in the water 5 times...I soaked every stitch of clothing my Mom brought and went home wearing the little boy's extra clothes. hee three cheers for Sophie! Lisa in PA

Kritter Krit said...


Oh, no! Didn't mean to make you have to change your drawers! Whoops. ;)


Arkansas rocks! Move NOW!! (I mean, we'll keep praying for the right time.)


Yeah, there wasn't much I could do at that point. It was like, o-well, she's in. She might as well have a good time.

Aunt Beck,

Yeah, what kind of grandmother IS she??

I'm sure she'll be just THRILLED to read that her baby sis not only attributed this problem to her age, but that she actually detailed what that age was! Very nice. =)


I've always said I need to keep a "closet" of stuff in the van for her. These little incidents happen ALL the time. Just the other day we went to the park and she shot down a slide (Superman-style) and went flying head-first into a mud puddle. She came up with mud totally COVERING her mouth, eyes, ears, nose. I had to take my sweater off to wipe her down so she could see and breathe!

Man, how I wished I'd had my camera with me. =)

Not quite the Bradys said...

Oh my gosh! Still laughing! I especially love that someone was taking pictures the whole time. : )

Nancy said...

Sophie looks like a little angel with her Nemo bucket in her undies!!! She and Jackson will make such a great pair! ;-)

Take Care,

The Mani said...

Soph! Sol and I are cracked up.

Her poor little face while she's stuck out there!

We're jealous too, Sarah! Sol would have loved to have been there for the kite-flying, creek-diving, and playing with Mooms and Faf. And so would we! Missed it by one weekend.

You know we would have walked by and said the same thing...who lets their kid swim in her underwear in the creek at this time of year! There's a moral lesson about judging strangers here.

"And I thought Kristy was a good mother!" : )

love you guys,


Courtney Horvath said...

You gotta love the impulsive exuberance of youth! (And how fast they recover from a bump in the road of their day)

Anonymous said...

It was great fun reliving the fun day at the creek! You did a great job of sequencing with the pictures. Can you believe that Russell thought to take the most important one of retrieval? Way to go, Russie! Love, Mooms P.S. Can you see how I'm ignoring the Becky comment?!

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