Monday, April 21, 2008

In The Bell Jar

I'm losing it. LOOOOsing it.

Since moving to Arkansas six months ago, life has been one big romp through the infirmary. It has been non-stop snot, and coughing, and fever, and aches, and barf. And yada yada. Weird headaches. Yada. It seems like this blog has turned into The Daily Sick Report. But really, it's consuming a lot of our time!

I'm this close to packing my bags and checking into the Funny Farm.

Today Sophie and I went to the doctor, again. The allergies-turned-cold thing has now morphed into something WAY more special. Again. (Sing it with me everybody: "Second verse, same as the first!") The child cannot get any air through her nose. At all. It's like two centimeters into her nostrils there's a concrete wall - no air going in, none coming out. The doctor suggested we try some Afrin, which we did, and even that didn't work. (Afrin, for Pete's Sake! Isn't Afrin like crack? Highly addictive and instant ahhhhhh, I can stop climbing the walls now.) On top of that, her tonsils are enlarged. I'm still not sure from the doctor's description whether it's related to this illness, or whether she just has unusually big tonsils. But combined with the nose thing, she basically has no workable airway. She's breathing like a dog in heat. Seriously. Panting. It's not good. Plus (oh, yes, there's more to this sob-a-thon), she's running fever. The kind where she's hot as fire to the touch, but she thinks she's freezing to death. I spent the whole day trying to un-bury her from the Eskimo-like cocoon she had herself ensconced in and get her to drink something. And keep it down.

Russell has the same crud. As do I, to a lesser degree. He came home from work today. Exhausted and full of snot. I gave myself a little talking-to at that point and decided I was no longer sick. Somebody has to keep us all glued together. Lord knows it's definitely my turn to not be the puniest of the bunch.


I don't know...

Is it the new allergens? The new viruses? I've heard each area of the country has their own unique bugs. Are we maybe just getting exposed to a whole new crop than we had in New Mexico? Is it all the Germ Inseminators we're around now? Since moving, Sophie has been around a LOT more kids -the park, gymnastics, the nursery at church, Cubbies...cousins.

Or are we just a bunch of weenies, with really crappy immune systems?

Whatever it is, my friends, we need prayer. Lots and LOTS of it.


One funny thing did happen today at the doctor's office. (I know. Please, for all that's merciful and sane, let there be something funny!)

While we were waiting for Dr. Livingston to come into the exam room, we heard this giant ker-THUMP! outside in the hall.

Sophie's eyes got big, and I said, "Whoa, what was that?"

Without missing a beat, she said, "Dr. Livingston, I presume?"

I cracked up! I guess her father has been teaching her some stuff.



Anonymous said...

Sorry that you guys are sick again. Here's hoping it will pass quickly.

sarah p said...

So sorry you've all got the crud...maybe it's just your immune systems getting used to life in Arkansas again? When I first moved to Dallas I got sick a LOT. Allergies and a big ole round of the cold/flu that made me feel like I was dying. I predict this first year will be your worst one and that it'll go downhill from here. (but, what do I know?)

Praying for all three of you!

Kritter Krit said...

Sarah, I hope to heck you mean "uphill from here". ;)

Robert (Bob) English said...

Not sure what to tell you. Maybe a combination of all your scenarios? Jillian is in daycare, and as everybody on this earth knows, daycare children do get sick more often. Jillian is prone to ear infections, and will be getting tubes in her ears May 1 to help drain the fluid that is ALWAYS in her ears....we don't want it to affect her language early on, so we decided to go through with it once we heard how simple it really is (which it is).

But back to you...sorry you're all sick AGAIN! Russ looked very unhappy in the one picture.

When will Sophie get her own blog?

Guess you and Russ are fightin' over the computer while everyone's home so that you can post and read your comments?

Not quite the Bradys said...

Oh, poor people!!! Sophie looks miserable. I don't know all the answers, but I will tell you this. When we first moved to Arizona from another state before that one, that first year was AWFUL. We got every single strain of anything that went around and we got it worse than anyone else we knew. There are some pretty serious bugs down that way, due to all the illegal immigrants from every 3rd world country you can think of that sneak through there. Anyway, we were SICK. All the time. The good news is that the second year we still got everything but only minor cases of it, and the third year we stayed pretty healthy (with the exception of the incidents following playgroups at McDonalds playland- the ones I told you I banned forever). Having a preschooler makes it hard on the one hand because you for sure get exposed to everything. On the other hand, if you get exposed to everything right off, next year should be a comparative breeze. Good luck with all the yucks. Sorry you have had such a hard time. Hope you guys get better again soon. I'll say a prayer for you. : )

Anonymous said...

I really want to come and give you a Bengay neck of charge, of course. You poor people. I agree with all the other comments, though. I'm guessing this year will be a tough one and it WILL get better the longer you live there. Reagan (who never went to preschool) is sick a lot this year in Kindergarten. In fact she's home today with a virus and Ada has croup (spelling?) and an ear infection. Wish we could all be sick together. We'll be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Nuh-uh. Sophie didn't really come up with that quip on her own, did she? If so, that's really quick thinking, esp. for a sick 3-yr.-old. Just goes to show that even when Sophie is sick-as-a-dog, she's very much on her toes! Love, Mooms

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