Friday, January 9, 2009

The Girl Ain't Right

This is what Sophie does all day...

She makes piles. She goes around gathering random stuff up from various places, in various rooms, and she piles it all in a heap.

Why, you ask?

I have no idea.

I've asked her many times, "Sophie, what are you going to do with all of that stuff in that pile?"

Her answer is always the same:

"Well, Mama. These are my things. I like them like this."

Hmm... Okaaaaaay.

You like this stuff? In a pile. Close to you.

Yes, those are panties you see. Her size four Fruit of the Loom drawers. Dirty ones, in fact. Confiscated from the laundry room. Along with Russ's van key and hair gel, her cherished blankie, the telephone book, Baby Huggums, her princess dress-up tutu, my Real Simple magazine, the paper wheel cover off of Russ's new bike, her not-totally-consumed cup of orange juice from this morning, a clothes hanger....

And various other assorted hoarded stuff.

Including the telephone, which was at the bottom of the pile and totally unfindable, until it started ringing.

And then there's this:

Sophie's version of decorating.

I can't even find half the deck anymore because it's been crammed in between books and in crannies here and there throughout the house. Cinderella under a pillow on the couch. Princess Jasmine in the silverware drawer.

It does add a bit of mystery to my day. Especially when I lift the toilet seat cover and find Snow White hovering on the rim.

Poor princesses. I'm sure this is not how they envisioned their life.


AND, last, but not least, to top off today's oddball activities...

This morning before our errands, Sophie ran to her room, yelling over her shoulder, "Wait, Mama! I have to get my purse!"
Aw, isn't that just so cute? Next thought: What is taking her so long?

Finally she emerged with her purse. Sopping wet and dripping as she made her way nonchalantly to the garage. (Apparently it's perfectly normal for one's purse to be leaking liquids.)

"Sophie? Stop. Why is your purse wet?"

She came over and unzipped it to show me.

"Oh, see, it's just because of my water. I might need it."

Yep. I think Aunt Becky said it best. The girl just ain't right.

But, darn if she isn't squeezeably likeable anyway.


Melissa said...

wait wait wait...she filled her purse with water? that girl ain't right. this really made me laugh though, especially the thought of finding snow white on a toilet seat =]

Lindsey said...

I laughed outloud at her decorating.. too hilarious. She is so fun (I am sure a handful too) I just love reading what she comes up with next. :)

sarah p said...

This is such a funny post. The piles thing is a riot. Doesn't it make you wonder what she'll be like as a teenger?

Love her to pieces!

The decorating with princess cards is a nice touch, too. You should send that idea to a decorating store. They just might buy it.

Kritter Krit said...

Sarah, I think about that a lot - what she'll be like as a teenager. I just can't imagine how this quirky little oddball personality is going to turn into anything but what it is now, you know what I mean? =)

Anonymous said...

I know it is crazy ----- but I was sitting here trying to figure out how all the random stuff go together and just what she was probably thinking when I realized ----- I have been teaching special education for 26 years --- and I almost made sense out of it!!!!!
But one thing I do know - a girl never wants to be without her panties :)
Aunt Becky

Anonymous said...

Piles. Pure Bob Manis. She inherited it! So, cease your wondering why. Love, Mooms

Russ said...

The piles don't bother me until I trip on them and bang my head on the coffee table. I still don't know why she wants that cardboard from my bike, but she has loved it from the instant we got it home.


Lora Lee said...

The cards are cute. You better keep her away from stickers though, that would really be some decorating talent going on. She is just so cute.

Lora Lee

Robert (Bob) English said...

Very cute post! Looks like you stay amused all day long with her ramblings. Piles of stuff...I kind of like that compared to a toy here and a toy there.

Oh, and considering Aunt Becky's post, I think Brittney Spears might be the one person who does enjoy being without her panties. (maybe not so funny considering her present state, so I apologize for any offenses I've made). But she was photographed without them (LOL).

sarah p said...

Your Aunt Becky's post made me laugh. I've always thought us Special Ed teachers were a little "special" to do what we do! =)

Kritter Krit said...

Sarah, I agree! Special Ed Teachers are a LOT "special" to do what you guys do!

Holy smokes. It would take the patience of Job.

Anonymous said...

Just like my Amy!! We need to get them together - or maybe not!! I would quite like piles of things - easier to clear up. We just get the same amount of things strewn across the house. Our Snow White went missing for 8 months and turned up in the flower pot on the patio having survived a winter outside!! As for the decorating,our latest craze is cutting up pictures from the clothes catalogue. Hope likes the pretty ladies and she cuts them up for her Dad and sticks them on his wardrobe! Apparently the ones Hope chooses for him are all 'like Mummy!!' We have so many 'pretty ladies' all over our bedroom - Mike is not complaining!!
Love Sally

Kritter Krit said...


Ooo la la! I bet Mike really IS enjoying those Pretty Ladies all over the bedroom. ;) Hilarious!

Yeah, I have a feeling Sophie and Amy would be QUITE the pair. Amy could scatter everything all about the house, and Sophie could gather it up into piles. YES! Save both the moms from having to herd it! We might actually get a chat or two accomplished that way. =)

Anonymous said...

Dear Little Ms.Neatnik,
Your wonder where your daughter got her propensity to make piles. Ahhhh, let's just think back to the days of old when one could walk across your room and never touch the carpet. It finally took you finding mice nesting in your "piles" to turn your life around. Maybe Sophs will have the same fondness for "pets" that you did. I can't wait for 13. Love, Faf

Sarah and Brad said...

One day, while I was BIG and PREGNANT sitting at home and waiting to go into labor, I was surfing "blog-land" and stumbled upon your blog...I still have no clue how I got there...I just did.

Anyway, this post is the first one I read and since then, we have checked in on Sophie every so often. After our little girl was born (in June) we kept reading because they resemble eachother...something about the chin. I'm not sure Kate's going to be as HI-LARIOUS as your Sophie but we hope she will be half as cute and spunky!

Thought I would FINALLY leave a comment since this was the first post that I read about Miss just seemed like the thing to do!

Sophie is such a cutie and makes us laugh a lot!

Courtney said...

Wow, I am so glad that you posted this. My four year old Seth makes piles just like that, consisting of the most random things. And look out if you move his pile, and even more so if you happen to throw some things away that you view as "junk" and he views as "treasures". is so nice when you find that other people's munchkins do the same crazy things that your kids do. Makes you worry less and laugh more!

Kritter Krit said...


That's funny that I re-posted the one that you originally read! This whole Weblog Award thing has me feeling like I need to put something "new" out there daily. Some days are more hectic than others, so I've resorted to looking for some Oldie But Goodies. The Piles post seemed like a good one to put back out there. =)

That's nuts that you're from Fayetteville and your husband is from El Dorado (my grandparents still live there - the accents in "lower Arkansas" crack me UP!).

Thanks for leaving a comment. Your daughter is so stinking cute!


That's funny that Seth is a Piler, too! You're right, it makes you breathe a sigh of relief when you realize your little Nutball isn't the only kooky one out there!

Sophie is the same way about her "treasures". The other day when we were cleaning out her closet, I found a pile in the corner consisting of toilet paper squares (neatly stacked), a paper towel roll, a Hershey wrapper, and some Q-tips. Of course, I immediately went to toss everything in the trash bag. Oh, MAN! "Mama!! That's my stuff!! I NEED that!!!!!"

Yikes. =)

Char said...

I stumbled into your blog from the list on the weblog awards - and just had to comment about the piles. I'm relieved. My Gordon is a pile lover. Daily, one in the living room, another in his room, and they are so "random" - the stuff that gets put into the pile. It cracks me up - and I've heard the same response as your Sophie when I've asked "why?". I'm glad to see it isn't just my kid!

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