Saturday, March 29, 2008

Take THAT, Winter!

I think it's possible our neighbor is tired of the little teases of spring that we've been having lately. You know, beautiful, warm, sunny weather one day. Birds chirping. You're in short-sleeves, playing golf, taking your kids to the park. Your hopes soar - SPRING IS HERE!

Then, bam, the next day it's back to gloomy and cold. You crank the heat back up and huddle indoors.


I think, perhaps, Mrs. Earnestine has had enough.

Yesterday, I looked out our window to see this:

Two men, spray-painting her dried brown grass flourescent green.

Forget this back and forth winter-spring-winter-spring hoo ha. By golly, it's SPRING at her house!

I'm sure there's some purpose this serves (other than looking ridiculous). Maybe it kills the weeds and fertilizes the yard. Or it coaxes the new grass seedlings to come out faster. ...Something like that?

So far the only purpose I know for sure it serves is to cause Sophie to periodically look out the front window and yell out, "WOW, look! Mrs. Earnestine has grass just like my Easter basket!"


Val said...

That is so funny!!! Forget Groundhog Day. Just check out Mrs. Earnestine's lawn to see if spring is on the way.

Val said...

PS: I love Sophie's "ism" of the day. Needles - nails, Easter egg - grave. I'm pretty sure Jesus is laughing as much as I am at her cuteness.

Kritter Krit said...


I'm happy to report, after the monsoon FLOOD we had yesterday, Mrs. Earnestine's grass has faded significantly and is now only slightly bizarre. I'm guessing the Spray Painting Men are going to be getting a call to come back out.

Yeah, they did the Resurrection Eggs at Cubbies. And it seems like, perhaps, a bit was lost in the translation. Hee. Gotta love this age! =)

Rusty said...

A few weeks ago I noticed that the grounds around Baptist Hospital (where I exercise) were spotted with unnaturally bright green grass. From the patter of it - only on the spots of grass that weren't bermuda or whatever the predominant planting is - I assumed that the green paint is some kind of either fertilizer or selective herbicide.

A whole yard, though? Heh. I've heard of people in drought-stricken areas painting their lawns, and that's better than wasting water, but it must look pretty silly!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Ernestine is onto something, and the rest of us should take notice! What a fine panacea to the winter blahs! Love, Mooms

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