Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Shout Out To Two New Bloggers

I would like to announce the newest addition to my Blog Roll. Drum roll, please... May I present Russell, my super fine and brainiac husband.

For most of us, his writing may be a tad, um...complex? Like for starters, my noggin' gets a work-out just trying to comprehend the title of his blog.

But for those of you of a math or science persuasion, or heck, if you're just one of them there Deep Thinkers, this should be right up your alley.

Read. Ruminate. Respond! (He would never admit it, but seeing the comment count rise fills him with jubilant glee. ...On the inside, of course. Glee is not really observable in Russ from an exterior standpoint.)


Another new blogging addition is our good buddy, Rob Bob. I don't think he ever knew it, but we actually called him that for awhile, amongst ourselves. We knew him as Robert at Hendrix. But sometime after college he switched to Bob. We couldn't seem to make our mouths make the transition. We tried, we really did. But it would always come out "Rober...I mean, Rob. Bob." One time it came out "Bobbert", which I think has an especially nice ring to it. (He would probably disagree.) Regardless of what you call him, he's a super nice guy. And according to Russ, "one of the best roommates ever!" (I hope I'm the "roommate" that knocked him out of his spot on top. Woo hoo!)

Isn't his daughter, Jillian, just a DOLL? Seriously, don't you just want to snatch her up and kiss her little chubby face off? She's like a little perfect Mini-me of her mama. Too stinking cute.

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