Friday, March 28, 2008

Green Beans With A Dash Of Rock-My-World

Remember this post? Well, it seems our little princess found another "undesireable" in her breakfast this morning.

This is what I heard while I was sweeping the kitchen floor:

"Oh, no! Mama! There's erbins in my green beans!"

If nary a part of that sentence makes sense to you, let me clarify. At least the part I know. Yes, Sophie often eats green beans for breakfast. As well as a variety of other tasty, non-breakfasty items: cheese, corn, lettuce. Bagel Bites. Sometimes a plateful of peaches with Ranch dressing, or a sliced tomato with ketchup on it. A cracker dipped in mustard. A yogurt raisin dipped in mayonaise. (The girl is Queen of Condiments.) Basically whatever she'll eat, if it has even the teeniest speck of nutritional value, it's fine with me. Go for it! You swallow it, I'll serve it. Breakfast, or whenever.

It's safe to say, normal, her food choices are usually not. ...But "erbins"? That was a new one, even for me. I went to investigate.

"Sophie, what is in your green beans?"

She pointed, with a look of sheer horror, "ERBINS!"

I looked. I didn't see a thing. "Sophie. What, pray tell, is an erbin?"

(Fidget, furrowed brow.) Now she was getting antsy, and a little testy. I mean, if Mama doesn't know what it is, how can she fix it?

"Maaa maa! Right here. See this thing? And that, and that?"

Zeroing in on her little pointy finger, I saw the culprit.

A speck. Multiple specks.

For as long as, well...forever, I have been making green beans with a dash of Italian dressing in them for an added zesty kick. Whenever Sophie has ever eaten green beans, made by me, they have always been the same. Always. A sprinkle of salt, a shot of Wishbone Italian. A minute in the microwave. ...Voila!

However, it seems that during the last trek to the grocery store, her father got "Robusto Italian" - the herbier version of the original. And herbs, especially extra herbs are apparently not only not extra special, they are intolerable. Wipe-off-worthy, in fact. Certainly not a selling point, as the label would have you believe.

"Mommy, can you please take the erbins off?"

Seriously? Take. them. off. The herbs.

"Sophie, you have to be kidding. Why?"

"Because it looks like grass and dirt and stuff."

SeRENity now. Child.

(Sigh.) Three year olds. They are, indeed, a special breed of opinionated.

I tried to convince her that the minced pimentos were just like tiny tomatoes (her favorite), but she clearly wasn't buying it. When she told me her stomach felt funny and she started making "the face" (the I'm-Gonna-Blow-Chunks Face), I thought, "Okay! Enough. I get it." So there I was at the sink (oh, yes!)...washing erbins off of each individual green bean. Then laying them gently on a paper towel to dry.

It did the trick. Presto! Herb-free happiness restored. Green beans once again yummily going down the chute.

That's me, I'm a Fixer.

A Fixer with quite the glamorous life.


Robert (Bob) English said...

Cute story. However, I'm not very hungry now after reading what she eats for breakfast. :-) Glad she's eating though!

Jennie said...

A tomato with ketchup? How cute is that!

Kristie said...

Wow she eats lettuce and tomatoes and other such goodness. Preston would never touch "rabbit food" as he calls it. I have this goofy grin of my face just reading about how good she is eating. People just do not understand how happy that can make us!!!!! Praise the Lord.

Kritter Krit said...


Yeah, Sophie can wreck even the heartiest appetite. You don't want to be dining near her during the peaches-dipped-in-Ranch moments. It'll trigger the heebie-jeebies for sure!


I know, isn't that hilariously cute!


AMEN, sister! That's why I still stare with a big I'm-A-Kook grin on my face every time she eats. =)

Kristie said...

Is she drinking from the cup or still getting her formula with a syringe?

Kritter Krit said...

She drinks from a straw pretty well. She still has some trouble drinking straight from a cup. It has to be a really short cup, or she floods herself and barfs.

On the days when she won't drink on her own, I still syringe her.

She's a lot more like a typical three year old now. One day she eats non-STOP (seriously, it's like I'm running an all-day buffet), the next few days she won't touch much of anything.

But she's EATING! Hallelujah!!

Lindsey said...

How could she not love erbins! I love them! Too bad. Maybe she will grow to love them. My daughter chucked up shrimp once and now when her stomach hurts she say, "I feel shrimpish" It is hillarious. It makes me and my husband laugh every time.

Mark said...

I'm with Sophie...I don't like Erbins on my green beans, either.

Yep...plain and dry...that's the way I eat my green beans. That is...uh...when I actually eat green beans. ;-) Mark

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl! I'm glad you are feeling better. I was checking daily for so long and it seemed you had fallen off the face of the earth. THEN, I checked yesterday and BAM! you're back in full force. I had to catch up on all of your nifty posts. (I noticed that the scissor post had no comments...what is there to say, really?? Unbelievable. - I did NOT show Chip as it was too X-rated for him!) I'm glad you're back and sorry for the lack of contact from me. My family is a needy bunch and my days are FULL full. I'm off to paint 80 little nails and do the hair of four beautiful girls - we're going to a wedding at 5:00pm Talk to you soon. I love erbins!

Kritter Krit said...


Okay. "I feel shrimpish" is my new favorite line. Next time I'm about to ralph, I'm using that one! =)


I knew Mr. Plain And Dry wouldn't be keen on the erbins. Too OUT THERE!!


Hey, buddy! I was wondering if you too had dropped off the planet. Apparently we're going to have to fly out to each other every so often to keep up with what's going on, because we STINK at emailing lately. You have a good excuse - eighty nails! Did you have a few extra kids during our talking hiatus. Or is my math really that bad?

Actually, the scissors post got several hilarious comments. I was the post introducing Russ that didn't get any. Aw. Poor thing. But he didn't get several comments on his blog site, so it's all good. =)

That's funny that you mentioned Chip. When I posted the scissors, I immediately thought, "Oh, no! What if Chris is standing by Jen at the computer when she pulls this one up! He'll turn fifty shades of red and die...and then immediately cross me off his list of 'appropriate friends'!!" You know, I tread a fine-line with him in that department anyway! Hee.

Anonymous said...

Cheech, I love "erbins!" Only Sophie would have the imagination to call them that! (By the way, pimentoes aren't tomatoes; they're peppers.) Love, Mooms

sarah p said...

THAT is a great story...and it kinda reminds me of a girl (ahem) who REALLY disliked pepper in her macaroni and cheese...what a brat, she was. =)

Kritter Krit said...

That Brat Girl - man what an opinionated little toot she was! ;)

Not quite the Bradys said...

Be so happy you documented that for posterity! Some of the funniest things my kids ever said were never written down and we struggle to remember them. One of my favorites was Little Mommy(3). She kept telling me how much she LOVED Sister Humato. I had no idea who on earth she was talking about and eventually decided Sister Humato must me one of her Sunday School teachers. Then one day she came in and said, "Mama, can you fix Sister Humato's butt? It fell off." Stunned, I turned around and there she was, holding up Mr. Potatohead and his rear compartment hatch which had fallen off. Hilarious.

"a sliced tomato with ketchup on it" gives me acid reflux just thinking about it. How can Sophie eat that?! : )

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