Monday, March 24, 2008

Got My Fancy Face On, Mama!

Parenting Tip #68: Always know the whereabouts of your make-up bag.


Val said...

YAY! Glad to have you back! I'm sorry this month hasn't been on your "top ten best months list." That's fantastic that you've found the headache culprit! Hopefully, the PT will be enough to make the pain stop!

LOVE the picture of Sophie's fancy face. Those are the best moments! So naughty, but so innocent, you just laugh and grab the camera.

Mark said...

I know you told me about this earlier but I'm still stunned when I see the pics. No way she did all that in just a few way!

The girl must be a Tasmanian Devil...who just happens to look like an angel. ;-)

Lindsey said...

Classic. My girl Abby, now 6, was into, gooey lotions and things that would likely be rubbed in her hair and on her bed... Namley, vasaline. Hide the jar.

sarah p said...

That girl belongs in a circus. (A nice circus, of course. One that let's the little girls come home at night to their parents)

That is so funny!

I, too, am so glad that you're back. I talked to mom and she mentioned that dad was giving your neck some relief. I'm so glad - I hope you're feeling better! Welcome back! We missed you!!!

Kritter Krit said...


Yeah, this month will defitely not make the Top Ten. Sophie's face - I know, so funny. She, of course, thought she looked beautiful since she had "make-ups" on.


Oh, yes, indeedy. In the few minutes I was brushing my teeth and running a curling iron through my hair, THAT was what she accomplished. My description didn't do it justice, huh?


Oh man, Vasaline. That would be a disgusting, greasy mess. Yeah, the jar is hidden (although that doesn't necessarily always guarantee safety). Sophie just loves "gooey products" too. She had an incident with the tub of Cetaphil (lotion) when she was two. When I found her, she had smeared the entire container everywhere - the bed, the floor, the lamp, the dresser, all over herself. She smiled up at me and said, "Look, Mama! Frosting!!"


Oh boy, would she ever LOVE to join the circus. In fact, just this morning she saw a commercial with someone on a trapeze and said, "OH! I can do THAT!!"

Anonymous said...

You know how Sophie said last week that she wanted to go to the circus? Maybe what she really meant is that she wants to be in the circus! Love, Mooms

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