Thursday, February 28, 2008

What's The Formula For Surviving Life With A Sick Child While The Father Is Away For Five Days?

Call in a grandmother!

On Sunday, Russ returned to Albuquerque for work at the lab. I decided to make him a stupendously scrumptious home-cooked meal before he left. You know, restaurants (be they ever so grand as a once-a-week treat) get old really fast when you have to eat out every meal.

Lasagna was the meal of choice. Unfortunately, I got the process started a wee bit late, and we ended up eating at 9:30 that evening. Whoops. But the lasagna was most excellent (if I do say so myself). I'm not sure if it was the subtle changes I made (adding some garlic and parmesan), or if it was the fact that I took us to the brink of starvation prior to serving the meal. Who knows, Grilled Goat might have been tasty at that point. But whatever it was, the end result was major YUM.

Behold the beauty of freshly baked lasagna. (It's so simple to make, and so good. And I'll be happy to post the recipe, if anybody wants it.)

On Monday, Mooms made the drive up from Mena to keep us company. Little did she know (or I know, at that point), her dear granddaughter was brewing up something funky from within. Thanks, I think, to an outing with her father to Fun City on Friday. Kid-centered Chuck E. Cheese-like places are always just crawling with germs, especially this time of year. But, I guess it could have just as easily been from our trip to Target. ...But surely not.

When Mooms arrived, we had one little Sickie waiting for her - just mildly puny at that point.

But puny enough to need a buddy to help her through her frailties. Fortunately, Brownie Bunny did just the trick! (Isn't he CUTE? Chocolate brown and pink, and oh so soft. Thanks, Mooms!)

The Little People Pet Shoppe helped life look a little sunnier as well.

As did a rowdy game of football in the front yard. You know the saying: "Starve a fever, roll-around-in-the-grass with the flu." ...Or however it goes.

*Uh oh, Moomsie's down!

* Don't be embarrassed, Mooms. See. It happens to the best of us.

Then to wrap it up, a little walk around the neighborhood for some fresh air to rejuvenate body and spirit...and look for the friendly neighborhood cat.


Unfortunately, the next day, the gunk had really set in and our little Energizer Bunny looked like this:

Aw. Definitely de-perkified and non-Sophie-like. But not too sick to...


After a trip to the doctor and a good night's sleep (thanks to Tylenol with codeine - woohoo!!), hopefully the little patient is on the mend.

In case you can't read this Mooms, from Sophs, it says: "Thank you for coming to visit me. I love you very, very much!!"


Anonymous said...

Adorable photos! I'd love the lasagne recipe, if you don't mind sharing with a friendly stranger :)

Anonymous said...

I too would love a good lasagna recipe....

Not quite the Bradys said...

Mmmm... lasagna. Recipe, please!

Kritter Krit said...

For everyone else,

This recipe will yield several yummy meals.


Um. Probably just one meal at your household. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Sophs! What a beautiful card(s)! I had a great time with you and your mom despite your punies. Hope you're feeling much better by now. And thanks for taking time to make me a great thank-you.

Kristy, I didn't get home with my 8X 10 picture frame. Do you have it?

I had a great time with you two! Thanks for all the fun. LOve, MOoms

Josh & Margo said...

I will have you know that goat is very good, we have had it on many occasions. It is the most eaten meat in the world. Don't bash our goats. :)

Not quite the Bradys said...

LOL! You got that right! I do a LOT of cookin'.

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