Saturday, February 9, 2008

Update On The Adoption Front...

Well, as it turns out, we're now one of two families being considered for the placement of this baby girl.

After we received the exciting news Tuesday morning, the birthmom's mom (Angela) received another recommendation from one of her friends that afternoon. The friend asked that a couple they know also be considered and "reviewed" (for lack of a better word) as a potential match. So they, too, are in the process of sending over their portfolio to the birthmom, Tiffany.

Ugh, right? It feels kind of like in middle school, when you were standing there waiting to see if you would get picked for the dodgeball team. Sweating. Trying to look cool and desireable, maybe even a little aloof. "Pick me. Don't pick me. It's all good." Desperate was the look you wanted to avoid. All while standing there in your funny gym shorts, white legs glaring, knobby knees knocking. Waiting (and smiling, to remind everyone you're fun, even though you suck at all things athletic). Hoping like heck to avoid the dreaded "LOOOser!" label if you weren't picked and had to remain with the Reject Herd on the bench.

It feels a little like that. Minus the gym shorts.

...But not really. The reason being, I know that this, along with every other facet of our lives, is in God's hands. God knows exactly who our children will be, long before we ever hold them. Long before they're even formed. As excited as we are about the possibility of adding to our family, and as overjoyed as we would be to give Sophs a sibling, we will be fine regardless of what Tiffany decides.

We have learned through this journey, with Seth and with Sophie, to trust God's will for our family. If He intends for this to be our baby, we know He will open the hearts of everyone involved, so that it is obviously just meant to be. If He doesn't open those doors, despite whatever disappointment we may personally feel, we will rest knowing His will was done.

I ask that you continue to pray for Tiffany as she faces these tough decisions regarding her baby's future. Really, she is the one in the most difficult place right now. The wait on our end may be hard, but it pales compared to what she's having to go through. I mean, to make this mature choice, this ultimate loving sacrifice at such a young age, when you're feeling so much confusion and emotion... Man, I just can't even imagine how hard that must be. I know she must be sad. And yet, hopeful too. Pray that God will comfort her and give her a sense of absolute peace about her choice.

Thanks to everyone who is praying for us as well. We can just feel the excitement from you guys in your comments to us, as you hope for us and support us every step of the way. We are so very blessed to have such great friends and family. We love you all, and we'll keep you posted.


Lora Lee said...

Hey there. I know this is very nerve wracking for you, cause it's that way for me. You feel like your in middle school, and I feel like I'm trying to sell you on this end. I am praying for all involved here. Love ya'll

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for the birthmom to have peace. And I'm praying for God's will to be done, because whatever it is, it is the BEST. I'm also, praying for an unanswerable since of peace for you, Russ, and Sophie during this time of waiting.
Love ya, Aunt Becky

Kristy said...

Lora Lee,

Aww. I know it has to be hard on you too, our little "agent". Hee. Don't worry about talking us up too much. God will either bring the pieces together, or He won't. Either way, His plan is best. Thanks for praying.

Aunt Beck,

Thanks for writing and praying. We love you bunches!

Anonymous said...

We will continue to pray for you guys and for Tiffany during this time. You have a wonderful outlook on all of this. And His timing and plan will be perfect.

Love you all oodles!

sarah p

Kristy said...

I thought this was entertaining. Russ's comment regarding the dodgeball part of this post:

"Yeah, that never happened to me."

Well, then.

Glad I married one of the Cool Ones. Because when it came to sporty endeavors, I most definitely was NOT in that group.

lisajoy said...

Hi Kristy,
You came to mind this morning in church so I prayed for you. Kind of cool how the Body works huh? Even if you've not met face to face, there's something there. And dodgeball?...fuhgettaboutit...I was ALWAYS picked last. No, that's not true...I was the one you were stuck with. And I turned out okay and so have you! Will continue to pray for peace of mind during this waiting period. Hugs, Lisa in PA

Courtney Horvath said...

Hey Kristy! I am a first time commenter but a frequent reader. I hadn't stopped by your blog in a while, but I just hopped over and was so excited to see your news of the potential adoption. I love your attitude and the obvious faith that you are having in God to give good gifts to His children in His perfect timing.

I love the way you see things and how that comes across in your writing. I don't know if you have seen the movie Juno, but your story about the gym shorts in this post made me get a mental image of Bleeker that just won't go away...

Sarah P. always has such wonderful things to say about you, and we got to spend some time with Walt and Annie on their last trip through Dallas. Loved the pictures Walt took of Sophie!

Sorry...super long comment. But I really am so excited for you guys. I LOVE adoption. I think it is such a wonderful reflection of God's heart. I'm sure Sophie would be a rockin' big sister.

Kristy said...

Lisa Joy,

Wow! Thanks for thinking of me, and praying for us in church. You're right. Very cool how the Body of Christ works. You can be strangers and still be connected. Very neato!


Yay! So glad to "officially" meet you. I feel like I know you through Sarah. (Who raves about you too, by the way. Seriously, I want to hang out with you based on her stories alone! Oh, and your blog - you just sound FUN. Your pictures and stories are great, and your boys are highly entertaining!)

Thanks for the kind words, and the encouragement regarding the adoption possibility. You're absolutely right. Sophie would make a rockin' big sis. She is ready to Mother Hen SOMEBODY, I'll tell you that!

That's funny that you mentioned Juno. I've really been wanting to see that one. (Although, I'm sure I'll wait 'til it's out on DVD. I never seem to make it to the theater in time.)

Okay, so...novel reply finished now. Thanks again for the comment. =)

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