Monday, February 11, 2008

Six Things About Me (That You Never Knew You Were Dying To Know About Me)

Okay, so I haven't actually been "tagged" to do this. Which either means (a.) I have nice friends, (b.) I don't have any friends, or (c.) I need to find a better way to spend this hour of the morning. Sleeping, perhaps? Regardless. In light of the fact that I'm tired, but not yet sleepy or ready for bed (and the fact that this game really is pretty entertaining), I'm starting a "Six Quirky Things" meme tag. (This is probably where I should admit that I don't know what a "meme" is. Other than that she's my grandmother. That's just how I've heard this little tag game referred that's how I referred to it. Which is probably not a good rule to live by. Especially considering what happened to my brother that time he tried out a word on my dad that he'd just heard on the bus, but had no clue what it meant. Hmm. So, anyway...)

The rules of the game are simple: You reveal six quirky things about yourself. Then you tag six other people to do the same on their site by linking to them at the end of your post. Finally, you let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website. (I'm not sure what happens to those people if they don't then jump up and participate, but I bet it's really bad. More than likely they lose their chance at a "blessing", or whatever it is that happens to me when I immediately delete those tag email forwards with the angel pictured at the top of them.) I'm of the opinion that tagging six people is a bit excessive. And while it is outlined in THE RULES that way, I think it's okay if you can only think of a couple of people to tag. I mean (wink...poke..tee-hee-hee), it doesn't mean you're pathetic or lonely or friendless, or anything like that.

Six Quirky Things About Me:

1.) I love Cheetos (a whole lot). The crunchy ones, not the puffy ones. But whenever I eat them, I have this thing about licking the cheesy residue off of my fingers, like most people do. It gives me the heebie-jeebies. I can't do it. It's like I physically CANNOT make my tongue go to my finger. If there's not a sink or wet paper towel handy when it's time to de-orange, I just wipe cheesy goodness all over my jeans.

2.) I can't STAND having anyone brush their teeth near me. Something about the sound. Or the foaming action. Or most likely, it's the spit. I don't know for certain. But it has always grossed me out and made me feel like I'm going to gag and hurl. Sharing a bathroom with brothers growing up was a challenge. I remember several times running out of the room when they started to brush. Or when I couldn't get out of the room fast enough, standing there with my eyes closed and my fingers in my ears, saying "LALALALALAAAAA!". (Sarah, when you were here for New Year's, just brush-brush-brushing away in the kitchen while you talked to all of us, I was about to chunk up my breakfast. The only reason I didn't is because, while I was smiling at you and nodding, I had a little perky mantra going in my head: Don't gag. Look how cute Jackson is! Don't gag. Look how cute Jackson is!)

3.) I always have a fan going when I sleep, preferably two. To me, absolute silence is as spooky as it gets. If I can hear myself breathe (or anyone else breathe, for that matter), it's waaay too quiet. The same rule applies to darkness. Dark-ish is nice. But if I can't see my hand in front of my face, it's too darn dark. My kooky over-imaginative brain goes into freak out mode. I conjure up boogey men sneaking up on me and I lie there with my heart going ninety miles an hour, asking Russell, "Did you hear that?" every five seconds. (Russ absolutely disagrees with both of these points. To him, absolute quiet and absolute darkness are bliss. Lucky for him, he can sleep in pretty much any conditions.)

4.) I hate sleeping in hotels. (I'm using the word HATE here.) If it's a super poshy hotel (like the one Sarah Mac also happened to be staying at when we saw her in concert in Denver), I sleep in "just" a long-sleeved tee shirt, pj bottoms, and socks. Everywhere else I sleep in everything I brought with me, like I'm out camping out on the snowy ground in Antarctica - clothes, coat, hat, and shoes. During a stay one time at a dumpy Red Roof Inn in Louisiana (dumpy being a kind word), I cranked up the air conditioner and actually slept in mittens and a ski mask...straight as a board on my back, not moving. (Imagine rolling over and seeing that. Oh, yeah, baby. Sexy with a capital MEEEE-ow.) My goal was to not have one milimeter of my skin touching anything on that bed. It's true, that "48 Hours" special on what can be found under the microscope on (supposedly clean) hotel beds was not a good show for me to watch. I was "quirky" about hotels before that. After that, well...let's just say I shot up the Freak-o-Meter a few levels.

5.) Invariably when we travel, at some point in the drive, I will become very thirsty. "Dying of thirst!" I think is the exact phrase Russ says I shout out - frenzied, like I'm lost in the desert. We always stop at the nearest convenience station, where Russ proceeds to go in (patient man that he is) to purchase a bottle of Coke for me. He hands it over, and I hold it in my lap. Usually never even twisting off the cap to take a single swig. Russell calls it my "security Coke". Now when we gas up before a trip, I go in and buy my Coke, prior to starting down the road. (Marriage Saver Tip #107.) It rides beside me in my cup holder, my faithful Fizzy Friend, the whole drive to our destination. Occasionally I reach over and rest my hand on it. Ah. Nice and refreshing.

6.) I am a thirty-five year old Pillowcase-Sniffer. (Oh yes, indeedy, you read that right.) To go to sleep, I sniff a pillow. When I was an infant, it was a blanket. When I was a toddler, it was a stuffed animal named "Petey". When Petey started to disintegrate, it was a Petey tail. After Petey, it was a nightgown. After the nightgown, it was a pillowcase. To this day, twenty years later, it is still the same pillowcase. Much to my horror (and to my husband's delight), it is rapidly becoming more and more fragile and full of holes. With each washing, it is turning into pillowcase vapor. Soon it will blow away in the breeze of the fan...and I will never sleep again.


Alrighty then. Reading over this, I realize I am not so much "quirky" as just downright weird. That fact is compounded by the fact that Six More Weird Things About Me are currently popping to mind bam-bam-bam, in Lightning Round fashion. ...O-well. What can you do?

I tag Sarah, Kristen, Val, Annie, Kathy, and Travis and/or Emily. I would tag my mom, because whoo, she'd have some doozies! But alas, she doesn't have a blog, so I can't. But everybody, come on, join in. Just list 'em out in the comments section. Yay, it'll be fun!! ...Okay. I dare 'ya. (That always works, right? In middle school.)


sarah p said...

I'm laughing right now. You showed such restraint when I brushed in your kitchen. I am terribly, terribly sorry. I had NO idea!

love the list...I'm off to write my own.

Mark said...

From Wikipedia (the source of all knowledge in the Universe):

A memetag (or meme tag) is a blog tag that is included in all posts that reference a meme. When a meme is started on a blog — for example, 'your top five favourite movies' — the meme tag is included at the foot of the text of each post that responds to the meme invitation.

Now that you know what it means, you're REALLY dangerous. ;-)

Kristy said...


You're forgiven, buddy. I'll just send you the bill for that therapy session. ;)

Mr. Wikipedia,

Ah, thank you. I should have known you would help me out with my lack of meme knowledge. Nice linkage, by the way. Very handy!

P.S. "Favourite"? Are you British now?

Anonymous said...

That is the proper way to spell favourite!!

Sally (the British one!)

Kristy said...

Oh, here we go, "proper" this and "proper" that.

Hee. Hi, Sally. Fun to lure you out of hiding with a mispelled word. You guys just love to throw those "ou's" in there, don't you?

Now where's YOUR Quirky List, buddy? You know you're a freak too, admit it! =)

Bob said...

Okay Krisy, here are 6 things that I can share:

1) I still count my steps up the stairs....always.
2) (this one's weird, I admit...blame it on the OCD), but I will count the syllables back and forth in my head to any sentence I'm thinking of saying, or have said, and I try to get the sentence to have an even number of syllables.
3) I lock my car door 2-3 times each time.
4) When starting a load of wash, I always hit the start button twice so that I hear the stupid beep twice.
5) When reading books, I have to usually finish a chapter, or at least get to that part of the chapter that has a "pause" or larger gap, or has those damn *** (you know what I mean, right?)
6) I do long division in my head to as many decimal points as possible, usually up to 3 decimal points on average, and I love doing this when I get gas in my jeep and do the gas mileage in my head.


Kristy said...

Oooooo. Nice stuff, Rob!

Hmm. We are so NOT cut from the same cloth. Your math quirks are way too...well, math oriented for me to even figure out. In fact, reading back, ALL of your quirks have to do with numbers, in one way or another.

Wild and wacky stuff. #2 is especially freakadoo. I don't think I could do that, even if I tried. At least not fast enough to not reveal that I was sitting there counting syllables. I love it!

Lora Lee said...

So you getting right down to the dirt, get everyone to put the crazyness right on the table. Now which 6 should we put in writing.

1. Have to agree with you on the fan thing. We keep the ceiling fan at all times, that also lets you avoid cleaning them because you can't see the dirt when they are moving. Also have A/C window unit so that makes plenty of noise. Makes it hard when you travel, hard enough sleeping in strange place but makes it harder with no noise.

2. Like the T.V. on at night when I go to bed, but don't like it turned loud enough that I can make out what is being said. Want it on for the light.:)

3.Have to have a glass of chocolate milk in the morning when I get up. It's like my coffee, can go without eating breakfast, but have to have my chocolate milk.

4.I do not like feet, except baby feet. I do not want to touch anyone's feet and I don't want them to rub their feet on me.

5. I'm Impatient. I want to know now, I want to be there now. When we go on a road trip, even if we are making good time or not in a hurry, I still want to just get there. I think this waiting for an answer on the adoption thing is killing me more than ya'll. I want an answer now. I don't like to wait, want to be able to go to the next step whatever that may be.

6. I am very OCD when it comes to my desk/stuff at work. Everything has a place and it should be there, I don't want people touching stuff and moving it around. I stock our sample closet at work also, same thing, hate when one of the other girls try to put things up, or holy cow let the doc actually go in there moving stuff around. I have a way of doing it and thats how I want it done.

There is my confession, what I'll admit to right now.

Love ya'll

Anonymous said...

Well here goes with my 6...I am pathetic and only have one other friend (other than you) who has a blog, so I am going to do it in the comment section instead of post form since I don't have 6 people to send it too...

1. I am extremely afraid of little people. I am not talking "short" but little (ie with dwarfism). I get very anxious when I see someone and cannot watch any movie with extended scenes of little people. The best way to torture me is make me watch the Wizard of Oz or to pinch me with stubby fingers.

2.I am highly superstitious and make people say "I take it back" 3 times in a row if they say something that could be perceived as bad luck. For example if someone says I wish I got "sick" (insert anything that you really don't want to happen) I get nervous and in a super high pitched frantic voice beg them to say "I take it back" 3 times in a row. Darren has a grand old time with this one and will either not say "I take it back" or just say it twice and let me squirm!

3. I cannot handle people blowing their noses around me. Basically I feel like you do when someone is brushing their teeth. I get sick to my stomach and have to leave the room or I will get physically ill. I just start to see someone reach for a tissue and I have to run the other way.

4. I check my alarm clock multiple times before going to bed...definitely the OCD in me. I usually end up checking it at least 5 times before I feel that it is really set!

5. I have the bladder of a 90 year old woman. Literally. It is especially bad at night and I usually get up at least 5 times a night to go pee. I also can't sleep if I even think I have to go, so I find myself going to the bathroom even when I JUST went (I mean like less than 5 minutes ago) and sitting there convinced that if I don't go again I wont be able to sleep. This back and forth between the bed and bathroom can sometimes last over 1 hour before I feel settled (and empty!) and can finally fall asleep.

6. I am freakishly cold all the time and have to sleep in a "burrito". This means I literally room myself up in my covers and will not let any air get in. This is true torture for Darren who wants to snuggle and I won't come out of the burrito unless it is at least 80 degrees!

Kristy said...

Lora Lee,

#5 is good. I used to be crazy impatient. (I'm sure Russ would argue that I still am.) But I have learned a little bit of patience during each of our adoption processes. You have to, or you'll go just plain NUTS. I think it's funny, and sweet, that you're more anxious than we are waiting for word on Tiffany's decision!

#6 - my dad's office staff would agree with you. They HATE IT when he goes rummaging around in the drug sample supply closet. If they hear him in there, looking for something to give a patient, they all come running, "What are you trying to find?!" Then they immediately know where it is. ...Where he would have squirreled around and made messes galore.

Kristy said...


Oh, yeah, you are definitely a freak. Hee. But an entertaining one at that!

You should still put that list as a post on your blog. Even if you only tag one person, people will still really enjoy reading your quirks.

(Don't feel bad about not having anybody to tag. I actually had to steal most of my people from Sarah. VERY few of my friends blog as well. Or most of them only blog occasionally - like once a month or so. So, just tag one person, if you need to.)

Do it, buddy. POST IT!! Your list is too stinking funny not to share on your blog.

Val said...

WOW--great list!!! I'm mentally doing mine right now. Soon to come!

Anonymous said...

Ok, Kristy, took your advice and posted my list on my blog

Travis and Emily said...

Kristy -

wanted to let you know that we embraced being tagged!

Not quite the Bradys said...

So, not participating in the tag-thing seeing as how a. you don't actually KNOW me so I felt a little bad even reading this post. Maybe you are sharing with your friends and not cyberspace in general, and b. I wasn't tagged, but I had something else:

I assume this is you(?):
"Perfect fit". Also known as "Squeeze The Poo Out Of Your Innards".

Reminded me of this-

Maybe Sophie needs a pair of those jeans, no?

Kristy said...


A.) You should DEFINITELY do a quirky list! You don't have to know the person very well to appreciate their freakadoos. =)

So, here. TAG. It's official. I'll be watching your site for your list. (If you want to, in keeping with the game, just link to me as your "Tagger".)

B.) Love it! Yes. Sophie just needs some Perfect Fit jeans and everything will be A-okay! Genius!

Anonymous said...

Interesting, although no news to your mom. However, I noticed that since you limited yourself to six that you didn't include Kristen's #1 which happens to be one of yours. Maybe all Kristins/Kristens in the world are petrified of little people.

As to my quirks, amazingly, I can come up with only a few!!! I told your dad that probably all of my family members and friends would be able to come up with a plethora of quirks. I guess everyone would name one of mine, wrongly, as a fear of storms. Actually, I have a freaky startle factor ( if I were a horse, they would shoot me) and an abnormally acute hearing. I'm sure there are others, but I guess I consider them normal!!!! Love, Mooms

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