Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Little Snow, Big Fun.

I'm not sure what planet we're currently living on. Yesterday it was seventy-eight degrees. We were in shorts, with the air conditioner on. Now it's back to twenty degrees, and it has started to snow a bit. It reminded me that I needed to post these pictures, from our little snow adventure the other day.

*The Nestea Snow Plunge

*Reapplying Mama's lipgloss, so her lips won't get chapped.

*Writing in the snow.

*Sophs and her little chubby snow buddy.

*Making a snow/mud angel.

*Pure snowy bliss.

*I'm kind of freezing to death, but man, it's FUN!


Bob said...

Some of the cutest pics yet! (they're all cute though!).

Bob said...

So Sarah,
What is skyline exactly?

Kristy said...

Hey, Rob, I think Sarah is talking about Skyline Chili in Cincinnati. (I remember her mentioning it one time on her blog.)

Glad you liked the pics!

Anonymous said...


I've chanced upon your blog while I was researching reflux in infants-toddlers. We have a 14 month occasional urper who is coincidentally named Sophia. I've enjoyed reading your entries and love all the cute pictures you post of your little darling. Thanks for discussing and sharing!

Anonymous said...

The pictures all just precious, but "pure snowy bliss" takes the prize! I'm jealous in LOUISIANA :(

Aunt Becky

Kristie said...

Send the snow to Texas would ya. Preston would be in Heaven if we got some snow this year. Looks like so much fun.

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