Friday, February 1, 2008

Extreme Art!

Remember this post?

Well, it appears that our dear Sophie's go,go,go - hard,hard,hard! attitude extends to art as well. Art. Which is typically regarded as a fairly serene form of expression.

Not so much with Sophie.

First of all, she basically has to be stripped down naked prior to doing anything artsy. Not because of painting "accidents" (as she calls them). But because when she runs out of room on her paper, instead of asking for another sheet, she just commences to joyfully doodling on herself. ALL over herself. Arms. Legs. A pink goatee. And contrary to what the makers of the Crayola products would have you believe, "washable" means "washable from most skin areas". Washable is not so washable when it comes to clothing...or bar stools...or the deep insides of bellybuttons, unfortunately. Add a little glitter glue, by the way, and you really have something special.

I've been letting her keep a shirt or a pair of pants on during her little projects. For the sake of all things humane and decent. It is snowy winter, after all. Not that freezing to death would deter our little Art Maker one tiny hoot!

What is this, you ask?

This is a paint brush. In the hands of an extreme artist. Notice the splayed out bristles and how they resemble a statically charged Muppet?

Yes. That happens when you toss aside the concept of gently BRUSHING the paint on the paper, and instead CRAM it down, wham-wham-wham-like, with the force of ten thousand elephants.

Of course the answer, when I inquired as to how her brush found itself in this predicament, was: "Oh, Mama. Whoopsie. It was an accident."

*Pausing briefly to appease the ever-present photographer and participate in some extreme smiling.

*Followed by some on-your-mark, get set...DRAW! festivites.

*Followed by some very focused "scissoring".

And to wrap it up...

*Some walk-through-the-paint-and-trace-my-foot artistic bliss.

The end result...

Ta dah! Pure beautimus refrigerator decoration.


Jen Forbes said...

The cutest stinkin' Arteest I've ever seen!! Let the juices flow, Sweetie.

Kristy said...

Aww, Jen Forbes!

Welcome to the commenting crew, buddy.

Still working on getting the pictures from your visit edited and ready for posting. Turns out I took a few (hundred). Imagine that!

Bob said...

What a cutie!

Bob said...

There's a frickin party in my tummy....yeaaaahhhh, thanks for that video. I swore i wouldn't watch it, but it's the end of the day, so I watched it. Now I'm cursed with that song and image in my head.

Kristy said...


Told you not to watch it! You'll be singing it for the rest of the day now.

Just you wait, Jillian will be asking for Yo Gabba Gabba! soon. TBS (a.k.a the Toddler Broadcast System) is powerful. All it takes is seeing it over at a buddy's house or catching a glimpse of it after watching Dora, and they're hooked.


Sophie just asked me before her nap, "Mama, can I see Gabbo Gabbo and that funny-haired man?"

Mark said...

C'mon there anything the girl does that's NOT extreme? ;-)

Her "cute meter" is registering off the scale!

Kristy said...


Sleeping, maybe?

But even then she tends to take all of her stuffed animals, pillows, and blankets, pile them in a giant wad in the middle of her bed, and sleep on top of the pile.

Hmm. So, no. I guess everything she does is extreme.

Anonymous said...

I hooted all the way through that one! When the first shot of the brush showed up, I asked your dad why were all the bristles splayed out. I should have known! I loved the picture of her attacking the mat while standing and bending. Great stuff! Love, Mooms

Not quite the Bradys said...

Love, love, LOVED this post! Fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I love your little artist, concentration written all over her face while she creats her masterpiece! LOVE IT!!!

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