Sunday, January 13, 2008

Whoops. Er. Um. I Mean, I'd Like To Be Excused From My Position Behind The Pulpit.

These young preachers today...

They're cute. They're hip. With their blond spikey-hairdos, dimpled boyish grins, and lots 'o muscles.


All of a sudden, oh, yeah! Church is an event worth pulling those darned pantyhose on for.

But then they start preaching and well, whoops.


Not quite the Bradys said...

Hey Kristi- I feel almost stupid leaving this comment on here since you are probably the expert and I am just some person who heard...- but, a friend of mine who has acid reflux issues left a really long comment on my blog about taking a spoonful of honey for relief from her symptoms. I don't know if you guys have ever tried it and forgive me if it is totally useless info, but I thought of you when I read it and thought I'd pass it along.

Bob said...

I had seen this video before...pretty funny stuff. This guy was also the subject of a TV prank (something like Hidden Camera), and told him his church would be shut down because he could not afford the monetary fines due to the FCC...they were fining him because of his language and its release on the web. Anyway, he fell for the joke, got really scared, and then they told him it was all fake. Fake FCC and federal authorities were there to inform him of all was pretty funny.

Kristy said...

I had heard the recording before, but had never seen the video clip until the other day. It's even funnier when you can see the poor guy's expressions and nervous twitches. And oh my gosh, how RED he turns!

That's hilarious. Fake FCC and federal authorities. He had to be peeing his pants!

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