Thursday, January 3, 2008

Still Sickie

Okay. So. Apparently "fast and furious" wasn't really the best description of this virus. Furious, yes. Fast, not so much.

We thought, after Thirteen Hurl Day, that Sophie was on the mend. She woke up the next morning tolerating fluids much better, puking only once on Monday and Tuesday, and her overall energy level seemed to be much more Sophie-like. Then yesterday, she really seemed to be on the upswing. She woke up HUNGRY and pretty much had a morning long Eat Fest, nibbling on toast, some banana, some cheese, a little turkey. It definitely seemed like the bad ju-ju was gone.

SEEMED, being the operative word.

At around 5:30, she woke up abruptly from her nap, screaming in pain. I heard her crying from her bed, "Mama, my stomach hurts so bad!" I ran in there to pick her up and she recoiled in pain, guarding her stomach with her hands. When I laid her on the floor and asked her to show me where she was hurting, she said (making a circular motion around her belly-button), "all around here".

I called Russ at work to tell him I thought we needed to go to the ER. Even though she wasn't pointing in an "appendix-gone-bad" place, from her pain level, I thought it still might be something like that. I called dad and he proceeded to tell me that he has been seeing symptoms just like these in his office non-stop for the past week. Everyone starts with the non-stop pukes. Then after a day camped out by the toilet, think they're on the mend. And then WHAM, on come unbearable abdominal pains, with bloating, distention, and severe cramping. (It actually sounds very similar to what OMSH's daughter was dealing with a week or so ago. I guess this buggar is sweeping the country.) Dad said the treatment is just basically fluids, glycerin suppositories as needed (to help release some of the painful gas), and rest. From there, it's just a matter of time and waiting it out.

Last night the wait was not pretty.

Even after the assistance of Mr. Fleet Enema For Children, poor Sophs was still in such severe pain. All she could tolerate was lying perfectly still on the floor. If she moved - tried to walk or even sit up, she would scream in pain. I tried putting a heating pad on her tummy. But she was too scared to even let me near that area, poor baby! It was such a helpless feeling for me and Russ, not to be able to relieve her pain at all. Even when she finally fell asleep around 1:30 (her Daddy slept on the floor with her, in our room, rubbing her head until she calmed down), she still would moan and mutter "Ow, ow, ow!" in her sleep. It made me just want to cry for her. It was really so excruciating to watch. Sophie is just such a tough kid. She always has been. She handles things that would make me squall like a baby with such ease and grace. Even when she broke her arm in two places, she didn't cry like she did last night. But from the personal testimony that dad relayed (having experienced it himself), this virus is one BAAAAAD DUDE.

She woke up feeling better this morning. Still not herself. But not in agony, thank goodness. Dadgum, it's scary when they're this sick!

She and Baby Huggums sat and watched many a DVR'd episode of Calliou, Mr. Rodgers (hello flashback!), and Charlie and Lola. She had two blankets to sniff (oh, the utter joy!) and free run of the comfy couch. She was one happy little Sickie.

Hopefully she won't have any more flare-ups for the duration of this thing.

And true to form, despite the pain and exhaustion and overall ickiness of the past several days...

She was still smiley and giggly, and most willing to jump out from behind the curtains to scare the poo outta Mama! Aww. Our sweet little girl.


Sarah said...

Oh man. Poor Sophie! I'm sorry you guys had such a bad night. We'll pray that she gets better pronto.

love you guys!

Val said...

Ohhhhh...poor Sophie!! That is heartbreaking when you can't really do anything for them. They look at you with desparate eyes, wanting you to make the pain go away, and you CAN'T!! So hard. I hope she's for real on the mend this time!

PS: I loved your comment on my blog about Sophie and your pottery. My thoughts EXACTLY!

Not quite the Bradys said...

Poor kiddo! We (and by "we" I mostly mean "I"-) had the same EXACT thing over here in the Rockies last week. Very painful. Very miserable. Sophie looked a lot more pleasant about it than I did, I'm certain.

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