Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Reason I Spontaneously Stuck A Fork In My Forehead This Morning...

Sophie loves Yo Gabba Gabba.

Me? Well. Not so much. I mean, the beat is pretty catchy. It gets in your head and sticks. I've caught myself singing snippets of it during my cleaning tasks all morning long. (You'll be doing it too. And yes, you can thank me for that one.) One good thing about it -- it certainly is Move-Your-Body-friendly. Sophie immediately jumps up and gets her groove on whenever she hears the first few beats of it.

Maybe she and Nathaniel can join together and make millions touring the nation with their super snazzy moves.

But, holy schmoly, it's psychedelic and flashy. I got a little dizzy from all of the bright colors and lightning fast cuts between scenes. Perhaps it's the Old Fogie in me coming out, but it seems to have the potential to induce a seizure. Or a spasm, at the very least. However, Nick JR. likes to show it right at the end of other popular shows, like Dora, so it's kind of hard not to occasionally catch it.

For example, this morning...

Oh, my. Anybody else have the misfortune of having a Party In Your Tummy while you were eating your morning toast?

I'm not sure which is scarier:

a.) The very strangely coiffed, effeminate DJ host, wearing his tight orange union suit.

b.) The striped tube sock thing with the crazy-long, dangly arms.

c.) The depressed whiny carrots and green beans, who fear they aren't going to receive an invitation to the party.

d.) The make-you-insane combination of all of the above.


Seriously. Is this supposed to make a child want to eat healthy foods? Or eat at all, for that matter? I tend to think after very many viewings of this, the path might lead more towards an eating boycott.

"NOOOOOOO, Mama! Not the green beans! They'll party in my stomach!!!"

Maybe it's just me.

I am thankful, however, after showing the lovely trek of the food from the mouth, down the esophagus, and through the intestines, that they didn't show the "party" on its way out!

That would have taken scary to impressive new heights.


Anonymous said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry after watching that video with Fia. It was definitely hilarious, in a sick, demented way (this is the laugh bit) but Fia now wants to watch Yo Gabba Gabba (she hasn't seen it before) that is the cry bit! Thanks buddy, for opening up this can of worms!

ps glad that the dentist visit went so well, but sorry that you don't have any answers to the pain. Have you had someone check out your TMJ?

Anonymous said...

Kristy, I have to admit that I've watched Yo Gabba Gabba! a couple times now - and my son's not even old enough to tell the difference between Sponge Bob and Tony Soprano. I get hooked in by those crazy hip hop beats and 8-bit-Nintendo style graphics (not to mention unexpected cameos by people like Biz Markie and Elijah Wood). I can't blame Sophie one bit...if we didn't have a big window in our front living room, I'd be dancing too...but for the neighbors' sake, I've refrained. So far...

travis said...

Sorry...I managed to sign our last comment "wegotusafamilyhere". Computers are hard.

Kristy said...


Oh no, buddy! Now Fia's gonna be hooked too!! Whoops. Sorry about that. You'll REALLY want to kill me when those stupid songs get permanently stuck in your head and you go around singing them to yourself all morning long.


Hee. Computers are hard, I agree. But I actually recognized you from "wegotusafamilyhere". (I'm a regular stalker of your blog and all things Owen!)

Yeah, the beats and unexpected cameos are pretty neat. But yowser, the flashy, lightning fast cuts make me kind of woozy. I sit there thinking, "Do I need to hurl now?"

I'm just hoping when you bust out your next Dance Fest that Emily is there (unbeknownst to you) quietly filming the whole thing. Now THAT would be entertaining!

Jen Forbes said...

No. NO. NOOOOO. Please say it isn't so. Please tell me that is not an ACTUAL thing that people watch. I just about fell off my chair laughing, yet I was paralyzed with disbelief all at the same time.
The Sophie video was adorable and makes me miss her even more. But the party in my tummy...Hand me a fork for MY forehead. How's your head? Any sinus news? This is my first blog comment so I hope it works.

Kristy said...


Oh, yes, indeedy, it's a real show, that real kids just LUUUV to watch.

Isn't it SCARY??

My head is a tad better so far today. Dull ache, rather than a raging inferno. So, yay for that! Haven't heard anything on the sinuses. Which I guess means they're okay. But who knows - the clinic I go to isn't the greatest about Call Backs. They may be rotting away in my head, for all I know.

Congrats on your very first comment. Good job, buddy!

Lindsay said...

The funny thing is, just this morning Emmy was dancing away at "Party in Your Tummy" from You Tube as I was telling Brian that he had to check out the acid trip they were showing on Nick Jr. What decade is this? Any why is is so dang catchy!

Hope you guys are doing well!

Kristy said...


Hey, good to hear from you!

Yeah, that was Russ's comment too: "Somebody's doing drugs prior to making the kiddie programs."

I know, it stinks that it's so dang catchy! I was folding laundry, just singing away. Ugh.

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