Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Little Patient

Apparently Sophie did not get the memo stating we were going to leave the Barf Crud back in Mena, with Uncle Zach and Fafa. One good thing - this dude is fast and furious. Holy smokes! Thirteen hurls in ten hours and Sophs is officially cleaned out - top to bottom. Poor child. Well, correction: the virus part is fast. The pukes are taking awhile to go away.

Even now, when I'm almost positive that the bug is out of her system, Sophs is still funky. Yep. That's the joy of reflux. Everything is so loosey-goosey in there. Even when the original crud is long-gone and she's feeling better for the most part (from an energy and blah standpoint), the oh so pleasant aftereffects of stretching the 'ole digestive system out remain. For quite awhile. It stinks! More so for Sophie, of course, than for anybody else. We're back on Bucket Patrol - one handy in every room - such a nice decorative touch. And we're back to doing laundry in a catatonic state in the middle of the night. Oh man, all it takes is something like this to remind me how awesome things have been around here lately. Puke-free days are bliss.

Thank goodness I asked for a large styrofoam cup when we walked into Outback the other night for our New Year's Eve dinner. Half-way through the meal, she got "the look" and let 'er rip! Neat. And very appetizing for the rest of the table. And the table next to us. Man. The poor couple sitting beside us. Sophie was turned around talking to their little boy. (And touching him, I might add. The booths were so close together, it was almost impossible not to touch. The little boy was around one and a half, and sooooo stinking cute. He kept grinning and clapping and reaching his little chubby hand out to Sophie.) One second Sophie was playing with him, singing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider". The next second blaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I whirled Sophs around and caught the majority of the surge. But after, when I looked back over, the mom had an eye-bugged-out panicky expression like, "GET AWAY, 'O GERMY ONE!!" ...I can't say that I blame her. At all. I offered some sort of brief explanation about reflux, hoping to calm her fears. But I'm not sure it worked entirely. She still looked like she wanted to grab a doggie bag and bolt for the hills. Whoops.

I have to hand it to Sophie, though - she's a trooper. If I had thrown up that many times (or one time, for that matter), I would have been a Boo-Hoo-Poor-Me sad little lump on the couch. Not our Sophie. She would get violently sick and then just resume playing, still smiling, still just giggling away. She's the toughest kid I know, hands down. And the happiest, despite how crapified the circumstances are at the moment.

Seriously. Her attitude is amazing. I'm so grateful for her sweet, cheerful spirit, and oh how I learn from her every single day.


Sarah said...

Mom and I were talking yesterday about how sweet Sophie is. She is seriously so smiley all the time...and such a little grown-up. She has some wisdom (and expressions) beyond her years, that's for sure. She IS such a little trooper. And, might I add, so are you, Kristy. I am impressed with how you take it all in stride. You are doing an amazing job!

Anonymous said...

ah, love the old "virus-inspired-reflux" we still get it here every time Fia is sick...hang in there, it will pass and the system will tighten up again...

Anonymous said...

Thought were the only people out there who would do two weeks of "here we go again" with the reflux after a virus. My little one is three and life gets interesting with a stomach bug.

Kristy said...


I know. She is truly amazing. To put up with all of the junk and still be as happy as she is! Such a joy and a blessing.


Here's to hoping for "tightening up" soon! =)


Oh no, you definitely are not the only ones familiar with the "here we go again" reflux mantra after a virus. We know that song and dance ALL too well. Sophie ALWAYS gets messed up again after any illness - stomach bug, cold, all takes us straight back to Barfville.

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