Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

The decorating bug bit me big-time this year. Sophie is finally old enough to really appreciate the season (not just chew the ornaments), so I have been in overdrive making things nice and festive around here. Yep. God bless us everyone. Tiny Tim would be proud. I even went and bought some "Perfect Christmas Tree" oil from Bath and Body Works yesterday for our oil burner. Oh man, it smells so good - woodsy, like a fresh cut Christmas tree, with a hint of something spicy and manly. YES! And it doesn't smell like essence of I-Just-Cleaned-My Toilet-With-Pine Sol, like so many other "real tree" sprays smell. I highly recommend it. In fact, if you're an Oil Burning Nut like I am, here's a nice little selection. ...Okay. Enough about oils. Back to my other favorite subject. Sophs is a tad confused regarding WHEN we actually get to open presents. Each time I bring in a bag from shopping, she says, "Ooo! Can we open that?!" I explain to her that we have to wait 'til Christmas to open all of our surprises. To which, after looking around at all the lights and decoration, she replies, "Mama! It is Christmas. Look. It's already Christmas at our house!"

Everyone will be happy to know I found the silver beads I was looking for. Phew. Sleep can once again be restored. Thanks to the Mena Wal-Mart and its extensive selection of all things beady, the tree is now top-to-bottom complete. No more strands that go 3/4 of the way down the tree and stop. No longer is an undone tree just sitting there taunting the slightly OCD side of me: "Yoohoooooo, Kriiiiiissssssty... Your tree is not finished. Fix your beading. Fix your beading now." See... Ta dah! It is fixed. (Even though, for some strange reason, you still can't see the strands at the bottom. Huh.)

Here is our little table tree from Albuquerque (it used to be THE tree, now it's the other tree). The decorative presents underneath it are driving Sophie batty. She's just dying to get her little mitts on them. Or more appropriately, into them. I hear over and over, "Mama. Mama! Can we just open the teeny tiny ones now, pleeeeeease?" Poor thing, I've showed her a million times there isn't anything in those boxes. But she's still holding out hope that something will magically appear between checkings.

I like the tree best in the early morning, when the light is coming through the dining room window, illuminating all of the ornaments and making them shine. Oooooo.

Okay. So is it just me, or is anyone else obsessed with teeny sparkly trees this year? ...Because I am. OBSESSED. I absolutely love 'em! Whoever took off their pointy witch's hat at Halloween and said, "Hey! This would be an excellent tree!" was a genius. Paint it silver, roll it in glitter and glue, and PRESTO - shimmery loveliness. I mean, seriously, aren't they just so great? Isn't it perfectly sane and reasonable to buy one for every surface of my house?

One for Sophalina's room. She loves it. You'd think it was the big whopper tree in Times Square by the way she says it's "beau-ooooo-tiful!" every morning when I turn it on.

Some cute little wooden ones. Three cheers for Hobby Lobby and its most excellent half-off sales!

Two little ones in the study. If glitter and beads work, why not little sparkly balls and tinsel? Ahhhhh.

...And sequins. They're mighty fancy too. This is one of my favorites. It's kind of gold, kind of pink. Just plum gorgeous. Russ's thoughts on the teeny trees, and the fact that another one magically pops up somewhere in our house each time he comes home? "Um...yeah. Kristy, we probably have enough metallic cones now." Really? Surely not!

Moomsie came to visit on Tuesday. She's part of the reason Sophie is confused about when exactly we give gifts. Mostly because her dear Grandmama walked in with a super-cool cash register and grocery check-out store that Sophie was allowed to open and play with immediately. Ahh, grandparents. They have that special ability to make the rest of us look like giant fuddy-duddies. Mooms is Sophie's constant playmate when she's around. Sophie loves her to pieces and thinks she's the most fun ever!

Just up from a nap, watching a Christmas DVD with Mooms.

By the tree, showing off our freshly lipsticked luscious lips.

Then we went to the Fayetteville Square and beheld the wonder of the Lights of the Ozarks. Man! It is amazing. GORGEOUS. Lights galore. Whoever has the task of putting those babies up each year must want to return to a house with nothing twinkly in it at all.

Riding the Christmas pony. It was a darling little chubby pony and Sophie had a blast as a "cowgirl". Her giant gleeful grin made it worth the $5 for twenty seconds of riding. But I feel it is my Christmas duty to mention (to anyone else who might want to fulfill their dream of being a cowgirl) that the "ride" was three laps around the teeniest possible circle. Not to wreck their little operation down there, but no joke. Three laps. Done. When they stopped I squeaked out, "Seriously??" before I could clap my hand over my mouth. Mom agreed. Biggest rip-off of the holiday so far. No wonder no other children were riding. Their mothers obviously got a few more details before opening their wallet. Would it have been considered poor holiday form and Scroogey to pound on the elf's desk and demand a refund?

Going up the path to see Santa. Now THAT was pretty neat. They had a real Rudolph and a "real" Santa. He was jolly and rosy-cheeked. His beard looked real. He was soft-spoken and was the cutest, nicest little man. Sophie loved him! She talked his ear off, telling him stories about...well, about pretty much everything. He liked her too, you could tell. Aww. It was the CUUUUUUTEST Mutual Admiration Society ever.


Bob said...

That's alot of trees! You're ready to do a commercial for all the Christmas tree enablers, I believe!

Kristy said...


Where have you been, buddy? You disappeared.

Yes. A lot of trees. A WHOLE lot of trees.

But they're just so nice. (At least for now they are. When January 1 rolls around and I have to take down the merriment, it might not be quite as nice.)

Kristy said...

...And by "you disappeared" I mean, I expected to see you pop up on the Hendrix post (like all good Hendrix alumni). ;)

Mark said...

An 'Oil Burning Nut' I am definitely not. In fact, I can barely just walk by that Bath and Body Works place at the mall.

But I do like shiny lights and trees... ;-)

Kristy said...


Aww. Poor little nasally challenged man. ;) I know what you mean though - sometimes the smells coming from BBW get pretty overwhelming. I mean, when you can smell a store from six stores over, well, that's a tad much. Even for an oil burning nut, such as myself. I tend to gravitate to the oils that smell like food (caramel, vanilla, cinnamon, clove), not the fru-fru flowery ones.

Okay. More discussion than you wanted about oils.

You are correct, dear buddy 'o mine. Shiny lights and trees are the best! Oooo. =)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I had just decided I wasn't going shopping tomorrow, that surely I had enough decor already and that I really needed to focus on paint, quarterround, and other finish-the-remodeling-project-already tasks, and then I just HAD to read your post and now I'm afraid I'm going to drive to Monroe tomorrow. . .Sigh. I love Sophie's tree!!

Kristy said...

Just say no to quarterround.

Buy teeny ball trees instead. =)

Anonymous said...

O.K. I read the comments before commenting and HOOTED when you told Beth to "just say 'no' to quarter round" and to "buy teeny ball trees instead!" Ah...priorities. When the house is packed with sparklies, who notic
es the paucity of quarter round?!
I had a ball in Fayetteville! Everything was fun! I'll be back! We received the darling Christmas card today! I wanted to stick that paper in my mouth and eat her up! What a doll! Love, Mooms

Kristy said...


You hooted at quarter round?

I HOOTED at "stick that paper in my mouth and eat her up". THAT made me laugh out loud!

Oh, and...

"Notic es the paucity."

Woman, you do have a way with words!! =)

Anonymous said...

Love all the tiny trees! Perfect for tiny hands :)

Got the x-mas card yesterday and love the pic of Sophie also!

Anonymous said...

Get Mooms to tell you about the "purple horses" we saw outside of Hot Springs. Yep, that woman can stutter.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding naughty: I love all your sparkly cones! Seriously, I saw some of those at Wal-Mart the other day and debated if I should get them or not. So fancy and so fun!

Your house looks really cute. I hope I get to see it in person very soon...=)

Oh, and we got your Christmas card today. BEA-UTIFUL! What an amazing photo! I sure hope you got that sucker blown up to poster-size to go above your mantle. (after the sparkly cones are all taken down, of course)

sarah p

Kristy said...


Your "naughty" comment cracked me up! I know, my cones, they are mighty fine, indeed!! Hee.

Glad you liked the Christmas card. Uncle Walt. I'm telling you, that boy can take a picture. No need to shell out gazillions of dollars to anyone professional when he's around. In my opinion, he's better than a lot of professional photographers. He has an amazing eye for "good lighting" and some super fancy schmancy equipment. Yahooo! It's like mom's pottery hobby. I love taking advantage of their skills.

Yes, I'm blowing that one up to frame. The problem is there's about ten others I'd like to blow up to poster size and frame as well.

Can't wait to see you guys!! Might you get to stay with us for New Year's Eve???

How was the visit with your mom?

The Mani said...

Your cones are indeed mighty nice. Seriously, buddy, fancy pants!! I love your decorations. Sophie's tree is adorable.

And, I didn't get my comment on the post about Soph eating 3/4 of a banana. Woo-HOOO! That's so fantastic. Tell her to get ready for some high fives when we see her. I'm so glad. What a wait. I hope it's gag-free chowing down from here on out.

We can't wait to see you guys...and your gorgeous, festive house!


Shayna said...

PONY! Very cute, and Sophie makes a great cowgirl. :)

Your trees are beautiful!

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