Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Spirit Of Giving

Life is often confusing when you're three. Little things that seem to make sense in theory (or in the van during a discussion), have a tendency to become fuzzy when the situation actually presents itself.

Take, for instance, the Salvation Army Christmas volunteers standing outside of stores during this time of year...

Sophie doesn't quite seem to understand the concept of what they do. She gets that they're not normally there, and are therefore, something special to behold. She gets that they're friendly. She gets that they ring bells that are shiny and "nice and jingly". She gets that they have a super-fun red bucket, for which to put things in. She even understands that if she stands there flashing her pearly whites and cute dimples, sometimes they'll sing her a Christmas song.

What she does not seem to get is the Giving-To-Those-Less-Fortunate-Than-You spirit of the whole project.

Yesterday, on our way out of Wal-Mart, she asked me if she could put some money in the bucket. I told her that was fine and handed her a couple of dollars. She took her time carefully putting them into the bucket and said to the sweet man smiling at her, "Here! This is for you! Have a Merrrrrrrry Christmas!"

(I was all 'aglow with Motherly Pride. She gets it! Yes!!)

We had no sooner taken three steps away when she yelled over her shoulder, "Hey, Man, now you can give some money to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

(Or? I guess there's the remote possibility she doesn't get it.)

I did the Hand-Clapped-Firmly-Over-The-Mouth maneuver so often employed in the presence of our little loud Blurter-Outer. Behind us we left one very clearly amused volunteer - laughing loudly. When we got strapped in the van, I asked her:

"Sophie, honey, do you remember what we talked about - about why we put money in the bucket?"

She said excitedly: "Yes, Mama! I certainly do!"

(Ah, good.) I said, "Why?"

"Well.......", she said. "Because it's really fun to stick things in that hole."


All righty, then.


Yet another Teaching Moment right down the drain. So glad all those little chats about God's love and giving unselfishly so obviously made such an impact in her little mind.



Anonymous said...

I, too, understand the thrill of sticking things in holes. That's why I stuck the berries down Kerry's ear when we were little! I even pushed it in so it wouldn't have a tendency to pop out! When the ENT doc made a house call, I felt HORRIBLE! Love,Mooms

Kristy said...


Glad you followed up your opening statement with a little clarification. =)

Sarah said...

Okay. I cannot WAIT to spend more time with this little person with all the funny statements. This kid is hilarious! Did you know that the last time we saw Sophie in person was 3 years ago? She was an infant! I remember b/c they did the church dedication/prayer for her when we were in town. Can you believe that!? Thank goodness for your photos and stories or else I wouldn't know her at all! (I totally feel like I do, by the way) Thank goodness for the internet...and BLOGS!

I never told you how funny she was when we saw her on the webcam over Thanksgiving. When we were in New Jersey, we called everyone at mom and dad's so they could see us (scratch that: Jackson) on the webcam. Sophie was there and she was so excited to tell me that they were going out to make s'mores. It was hilarious. She was quite talkative and LOVING the webcam. You should get one!

See you in 6 days!!! I'm thinking we need to get together on Saturday - I can't wait until Sunday to see you guys!

sarah p

Kristy said...

She is such a funny little person. She's constantly saying or doing things that just make me laugh out loud! (Of course, then she turns around and does something that makes me want to thump her little noggin'. ...But I guess that's the nature of this age.) =)

Unfortunately we'll have to wait 'til Sunday to get together. We got Sophie a dollhouse (and some pretty cool accessories) this year for Christmas. Russ has to work on Friday, so we're going to make Saturday morning our at-home family "Christmas Eve", so she can open her stuff and have a little time to play before loading up to head to Mena. (I can't even hide it, I'm soooooo ridiculously excited to play with...I mean, watch her play with her dollhouse stuff. I'll be going back to the Barbie Glory Days big-time!!)

But you better bet your booties I'll be hunting you down as soon as we roll into town. Tell your mom to prepare for the invasion! I cannot WAIT to see your little Cutie (...and you and Dave, of course). Hee! =)

Love you.

Anonymous said...

Sophie understands that it's more blessed to give that to receive. She just wants the other person to have the opportunity to get blessed. Seeeeee! Give my little cutie a hug and kiss.

Kristy said...

Oh, Sarah, I forgot to tell you - Sophie STILL prays every night for you guys.

When you were pregnant it was: "Dear God, please help Sarah have a helfy and cute baby."

Now that Jackson is here, it's:
"Dear God, thank you that Sarah had a helfy baby named Jackson."

And tonight it was:
"Dear God, thank you for CUUUUUUUUTE little baldie baby Jackson."

Ha!! The child cracks me up! =)


You're right. Sophie's ALL about letting the other person receive the blessing. ;)

Sarah said...

sweet Sophie...thank her for her prayers! I was cracking up at the "baldie baby Jackson" line.

As soon as you guys get in (and it's socially appropriate to leave your parents) COME OVER!

Anonymous said...

There is something about that picture of Sophie in the pink cap that makes her look like Katie Forbes.

Kristy said...


I know!! Russ and I both thought the exact same thing! Isn't that weird??

Jen, feel free to chime in. Do you see it too?

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