Monday, December 3, 2007

Boring - Not Something She'll Likely Ever Be Called

The first thing out of Sophie's mouth this morning when I walked into her room:

Sophie: "Mama, can I have some ice cream - with sprinkles and two cherries on top?"

Me: "You mean, like, right now - before we even say 'Good Morning' to each other?"

Sophie: (Leaning back on her pillow like the Queen of Sheba...) "Yes, please. You can bring it to my comfy bed. Don't forget I need a spoon too."

The very next thing out of Sophie's mouth (before I could even respond to her very nutritous breakfast request):

Sophie: "Hey, Mama, I've been in here doing lots and lots of toots. Just tooting, and tooting, and tooting. ...Pew. Do you smell that?"

Me: "Huh. Neat. Yes, I do. Perhaps you need to go to the bathroom."

Sophie: "Nah. I'll poop at Christmas."

Me: "Sophie, normal people poop every day."

Sophie: "Well, that's no good."


Anonymous said...

Kristy, that child, "just ain't right". She cracks me up :) I, too wish I could lay in bed and be fed. What a Life!!!! Please tell her that Christmas is a looooong time away when you're waiting to open presents and poop:)

Aunt Becky

Mark said...

C'mon now...who WOULDN'T want to eat Shake's ice cream for breakfast??? (With sprinkles on top, of course.)

Kristy said...


I know. She ain't right. But she sure is cute! =)


Shaaaaaaaakes. Man! You just had to plant that in my brain, didn't you? ;)

Pandamom said...

I stumbled upon this blog. As the mother of an adopted nine-year old with reflux, it was fun to read.
Our sprinkles on ice cream are the contents of the Prevacid capsule. We have one every night.

Kristy said...


Glad you stopped by. Prevacid - it's a miracle drug, huh?

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