Monday, November 19, 2007

The Sugar Plum Ball

Russell, Sophie, Adam (Russ's brother), and Ella attended the Sugar Plum Ball in Little Rock on Thursday - an event for daughters between the ages of two and eight and their daddies - held to raise money for cancer research. It was quite the fancy shindig. Very formal and proper. ...You know, right up Sophie's alley. Notice her yelling, "See you later, Nana!" at the top of her lungs? Yep. That's our little Sugar Plum. She's all about being proper and delicate. At least her exterior fit the occasion, even if her interior didn't quite.

These are their tickets to the event. I thought they were so cute! Russ kept his and Sophie's(amazingly wrinkle and cupcake-free!) so that I could frame one along with a picture of the girls.

Getting the sweet Sugar Plums ready for the ball. I'm telling you, if you've never tried to dress and fix the hair of a two or three year old girl (hopped up at the thought of going someplace special), you don't know what you're missing! It's kind of like trying to put a sparkly tiara on a manic squirrel. Carol and I were trying our darndest to fluff and primpify them, while the girls were hopping and jumping and darting all around the room. "We're ready to go! We're ready to go!" It's a miracle we didn't take out an eye trying to pin their jewels on! (Speaking of which, did anybody see Grey's Anatomy this week? Yeeeeikes! I got the heebie-jeebies and almost ralphed up my turkey sandwich. Seemingly obvious note to self: Never eat during Grey's Anatomy.)

Sweet Sophie, in a rare moment of calm loveliness. After I got her dressed and ready, she looked in the mirror and asked me, "See how much sparkle I am, Mama?" Hee. Squeeze.

"Hey, Ella!" (As she whacks her on the back, buddy-style...) "Smile like you mean it!!"

Picture taking - another difficult task. Did I mention that holding still was not their special gift? There was jumping and twirling at all times. Another trick was capturing a moment when one or other didn't have their hands in their mouth or their fingers up their nose. Whooee! I would not want to be a children's photographer. Those poor people must be frazzled and nuts by the end of the day.

Going in for a kiss. Aww.

The dapper gentlemen...

...and their lovely ladies.

Russ and Sophie. (Can you tell Sophie is itching to get down and run around the room again?)

Oh, goody. Everybody clap. Mom is still taking pictures!!

The little beauties in front of the gold tree at the ball.

"Oh man, are they kidding? How are we supposed to keep our hands off these sparkly balls?"

Taking a break from the dancing to have a cupcake.

Admiring the pretty white and blue tree. Ooo. Ahh. It glows! (Yep. They're both dying to get their little grabby mitts on something off of there.)


And here you go - another video treat. Actually several video treats. We made the guys promise to shoot some action clips since the moms couldn't attend unless they were chaperoning. These are of the girls dancing at the ball. As you can see, they had a GREAT time. Despite the fanciness and adornment required of the occasion, their personalities definitely shone through loud and clear.

Sophie spent the entire two hours boogeying down, in knee-slappin' hee-haw-at-the-hoe-down form. Little groups were assembling around her, taking pictures and laughing hysterically. She danced a few of the slower dances with her daddy, but then apparently she decided he wasn't cutting it. She told him very matter-of-factly, "Daddy, I need to dance by myself now. You can stand over there and watch me, okay?" Poor Russ. Nothing like being jilted at the prom. (Note: The second video appears after a second or two, when Russ realizes the lens cap is on. Whoops.)

Ella was a bit more reserved in her dancing. Unlike her Tazmanian Devil jumping-whirring-bebopping cousin, her moves were more of the polite-little-sways-and-circles variety. Most of the time, however, she was more concerned with accessorizing and looking the part of a beautiful Sugar Plum fairy. She strutted around wearing the lovely crown they had given her, picking up Sophie's when it fell off and trying desperately to convince her that she needed to put it back on. (Notice Sophie backing away from Ella, like she's carrying a bomb? "Noooo, not a crown! I can't get my groove on if I wear that offensive object!")


Anonymous said...

So Cute!
Man, it looks like a blast...I wonder if we have one of those around here?

By the way, love Sophie's hair...Fia STILL won't let me put anything in hers!

I love watching the girls dance too :)

Kristy said...


Yeah, it was really fun to get them ready to go. They looked so cute! Sophie has just recently, like in the past month, started letting me put her hair up and put clips in it. If she thinks about it too much, she still has a tendency to start yanking stuff out. But if I can distract her, she forgets she has anything in there. I never thought we'd get to this point! You know Miss Grabby. =)

Mark said...

I laughed when the woman (off camera) in the second video said, "Look...look at her doing the Macarena!" Ha.

Kristy said...


Hee, I know! Apparently Sophs watched some of the older girls beside her and caught right on! She's gifted, that girl. ;)

Val said...

So cute and so funny! I love the captions along with the pictures and clips. The girls are both so adorable! I hope there's something like that near us (aka: Mommy's quiet night to herself!)

Seriously, Grey's? Heebie-jeebies is right!

Anonymous said...

Look to me like Sophs has been practicing her hoe-down moves. If she doesn't make it as a dancer, I'm sure she can get a job stomping grapes. Can't wait to get the little bug stomper here for Thanksgiving.
Love, Faf
Oh, my goodness! How in the world did she do that for two hours! She makes me tired just watching for 10 seconds! She looks the part of a princess, even if she doesn't fit the demure personality! Love, Mooms said...

She is so cute all dressed up, thats a great idea and im sure they both loved getting a night out together. Is she a daddys girl?

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