Thursday, November 1, 2007

No Big Surprise Here...

For those who know me, Sophie's Halloween costume should come as no surprise. With the exception of the Sunflower and Raggedy Ann year, every single Halloween, without fail, I was a princess. A pink princess. The "Oh my goodness, you're beautiful!" exclamations were what kept me coming back year after year. I mean, really, who wants to trade in all that loveliness for a hideous mask that brings gasps and recoils of horror?

So when it came time for Sophie to pick a costume, her choice was easy. Hint. Hint. Point. "Hey, Sophie, if you'll be a princess, I'll let you eat your whole bag of candy in one sitting!"

How handy! Who needs to hit the streets, when you can Trick-Or-Treat in the comfort of your own home?

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of the first Trick-Or-Treater.

I love this one. Her expression says, "Now how do I get the magic to come out of this wand?"

Here's her, "Okay, Mom...cheeeeese!" look that clearly says, "Let's get the show on the ROAD!"

Discovering the prize in the Cracker Jack box. Does everyone like the Barbara Bush pearls Sophs added at the last minute? Fairy Princess meets First Lady.

Trying to blow out the candle. (Sophie has this thing with candles. The instant I light one, she wants to blow it out. Seriously. No sooner is the flame 'a glow before she's saying, "Can I blow it out, Mama? Can I? Can I, please?)

Ah, yes. Our dainty little princess shouting, "Hey! We have candy HERE, kids!!"

The view from behind. All sparkly and fluffalicious. Too cute!

Meeting up with a little Spider and Chicken while Trick-Or-Treating in the neighborhood.

Pausing with Daddy for yet another Kodak moment. Notice Russ carrying her jacket? I swear, the child is just like me. I kept asking her, "Sophie, are you cold? Do you want to wear your jacket now?" She kept telling me no, she wasn't cold. Then she finally just said, "Mom! It'll mess up my dress and wings!" Thank goodness it was unseasonably warm. (Because frankly, I didn't really want her to have to wear it. I definitely understand the need to stay princess-like and unsquashed.)

It was funny. At the first house we stopped at, she told us, "I can do it!" Russ and I stood on the sidewalk, while she ran up to the door and yelled, "Trick-Or-Treat!!" She then proceeded to try and give the little man standing there some candy from her bag. He said, "Oh, no, honey. I give YOU candy." Sophie yelled, "Oh! Okay!!" and held out her bag. The man then asked her, "So, are you a fairy...or a princess?" She said with authority, "I am a purple Fairy Princess. A beau-ooo-tiful one. See?" Then she did a twirl. (Oh, my.) Then she waved and yelled, "Thank you for the candy!!" and off she ran, pointing down to the next house she wanted to hit.

As always with our sweet Sophalina, the night was an adventure!


Anonymous said...

I couldn't wait to come down and see how Sophie looked last night! She was the second prettiest princess I've ever seen. She looked like a purpley, feathery fluff! I liked the ladylike pearls, although I was hardpressed to find the lady in the picture yelling to the kids to come get their candy! Her mooms is so pleased that she WAS a lady--she didn't forget to say thank you! Love, Mooms

emily said...

What a beautiful fairy princess! I can't wait until Owen is old enough to trick-or-treat. Looks like you guys had fun!

sarah p said...

And what a lovely princess she was. How cute! I love that she's so darn independent. We had a few of those last night's hilarious. Did you have any kids that wanted to pick their own candy out of the bowl? Those kids are a riot. I usually let them. (unless they're all snotty nosed, then I politely stick my hand in the bowl first to GIVE them their candy)

p.s. You guys give great candy! (I'm not gonna lie: this pregnant mama was checking out your stash. I love me some Skittles!)

Bob said...

I thought she'd be wearing something really warm based on your comment, so I thought furs. She's a cute princess though!

Kristy said...


Yeah, sorry to lead you astray. I thought Halloween was going to be much chillier. But it turned out to be pretty pleasant weather-wise. ...But I figured, regardless, she would need a bit more than the panties and knee-socks she came up with!

What was Jillianne?

Bob said...

She was a mummy.

Kristy said...


She is a DOLL! The picture of her asleep in her highchair with the bottle hanging from her mouth -- soooo stinking cute!

Thanks for sharing your site.

By the way, Jillian Claire is a great name. Sophie and Jillian Claire. Don't our girls sound like they should be sitting around in rockers knitting? =)

Bob said...

Actually, yeah, they do. Of course, I guess it's funny thinking of both of them sitting still for any amount of time, right?

Nicole said...

Love the fairy princess. Your stories make me laugh out loud. I've locked myself in my office for lunch to catch up on some Kristy blogging... Definitely time well spent!

Grace and Sophie were monkeys for Halloween. They walked around carrying and eating bananas. My mom made their outfits. I'll send you a picture.

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