Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Guess What We Did Today...

Nothing quite like a ten foot tree covered in sparklies to get you in the mood for Chrismas! Ooo. Ahh. Isn't it pretty? Sophie seemed to think so. She stood in open-mouthed wonder most of the afternoon. "It's beau-ooo-tiful, Mama!" (And yes, for those of you who noticed the silver beads, and the fact that they only go 3/4 of the way down the tree, it's true, Hobby Lobby no longer carries that exact beading anymore. I guess it was a bit of a stretch to think they would. We bought that set twelve years ago for our itty bitty apartment tree in College Station. Now I have to decide whether to search the world over for a match, or throw in the towel and start de-beading. Because to leave it that way...? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that would make me twitchy and mental.)


Anonymous said...

I really like your tree. Personal opinion: Christmas decorations don't have to "match". Keep the College Station beads for the memories those carry with them and strike out with a whole new batch to start you new memories in this new house. I'd even recommend throwing a bunch of icicles on the tree just for good measure, but that great idea is always nixed when I try it here. I'll bet Sophs is having a ball with all the lights. Love, Faf

Anonymous said...

My goodness, child! That looks like a White House tree! You did your Mama proud! Now, I think you'd be crazy to debead. Backtracking will only cause you tons of headache. Just find another kind that sort of matches. No one will ever notice. Love, Mooms P.S. For once, I'd advise not taking your dad's ICICLES!

Kristy said...

That's hilarious!

I KNEW the great icicle debate would rear its ugly head. I told Russell as we were decorating the tree, "Dad would want icicles. Mom would say NO WAY!"

So what did you two do?

Make me sound SUPER brilliant. =)

Mark said...

A lovely tree. But you just HAD to bring up the beads, didn't you??? ;-)

Kristy said...

I did. I had to. It's driving me nutty. =)

Anonymous said...

Now that's what I call an American tree! Stunning! Is that really your tree and your house? I'm sure I took a picture in a Disney World hotel last year that looks very similar!
I wouldn't dare show you our tree - we definitely do things on a small scale here in tiny England! I do miss America! Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving.
Love Sally

Kristy said...


Yeah, we decided to do it up big this year, so we got a ten-footer! Last year we had a little dinky one that sat on a table. It was cute, but it only held a few ornaments. This year we decided to make it look like Christmas exploded in our dining room! =)

Happy Thanksgiving to you guys, too.

Anonymous said...


I just read your plea for comments, so here you go...I LOVE reading about Sophie and the world that revolves around her. (Just as it should be for a 3-year-old!) The Sugar Plum Ball pics and videos are SO cute! It makes me miss our girls being little like that--a little bit! I can see how you and Russell are enjoying her childhood. Your tree is beautiful! We aren't through with Thanksgiving yet, so Happy Thanksgiving AND Merry Christmas!

Molly Lindsey

Becky said...

I totally agree with Sophie, your tree is BEAU--TI-FUL :)

I so wish you and Sophie could come put ours up for us!!

Kristy said...


Yay! Thanks for responding to my pitiful plea and leaving a comment. I bet seeing Sophs in her fluffy Sugar Plum dress does kind of make you miss the days when your girls were that age. You blink and they're grown. It's nuts how time flies. =) Hope you guys had a good Thanksgiving.


BELIEVE ME, you don't want Sophaletta anywhere NEAR your tree! I should have take a picture of all of the ornaments that were broken and in jibbles to go along with the perfect tree, in all its loveliness. The child is a sweet little helper, but man, she's like a bull in a china closet, for sure! =)

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