Monday, November 26, 2007

Sophie Demonstrates Yet Again Why Silence Is NOT Always Golden...

Today in the mail we got some of those freebie address labels that charities often include with their request for a donation. Usually I use them (I mean, heaven forbid I ever actually have to write out our address), but our name was misspelled on these. So rather than trash them, when Sophie asked if she could have the stickers, I said, "Sure. Just don't put them on the walls, the furniture, the floor, your toys or books, or anything else that would get wrecked." Specific and non-specific. I thought I had all the bases covered.

She said, "Okay, Mama! I won't."

As she started to run out of the room I asked, "Hey, Sophs! What do you want them for?"

She yelled back, "Just for me. I just want them for myself."

I mumbled okay and went back to work at what I was doing on the computer. After a few minutes, I realized she was being awfully quiet. Totally quiet, in fact. So I went to investigate. I found her in front of the tree like this:

Yep. It seems she was being literal. When she said she wanted them "for herself", she meant FOR HERSELF. In naming the unapproved sticker surfaces, I guess that was the one I left out.


sarah p said...

oh yes. THAT is what those freebie address labels are made for!

i remember as a kid BEGGING my mom to have the huge page of stamps that would come free in the mail. (remember those?) she would never let me lick them because, you know, they could have traces of speed or cocaine on the back of them. i coveted those stamps...kind of like sophie and the stickers. =)

Anonymous said...

All I can say is, I'm glad she ran out before she taped her nose and mouth shut! It looks like she covered her eyes. When you took them off, did her eyelashes come with them?! Yep. She sure 'nough wanted them for herself!! Love, Mooms

Kristy said...

Ahh, yes, the coveted stamp sheet. Weren't they from Publishers Clearing House, or soemthing like that? We always begged for those too! And we actually got to play with them, if you can believe that! I guess mom wasn't up on the speed-on-a-stamp thing. I remember sitting for HOURS and sorting and arranging those stamps. I even had a special notebook I placed them in, arranging them according to category and color. I guess that's why I totally understood why Sophie wanted the stickers.


Never in a million years did I imagine she would do THAT with them. But I certainly understood the glee in receiving them. =)

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! That is one of the best pictures I have ever seen!

Anonymous said...


I went thru the entire blog to catch up and I'm so excited you're doing this. I have to guess Sophie konked out on the way home from the Sugar Plum ball since she was sooo active that nite! I love to hear from you.

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