Friday, October 19, 2007

Update: Their "Official Stance"

Their official stance on the matter is: "We want out. We want to run like the crapweasels we are and leave your family in a big, fat financial mess."

Okay. So that's not exactly verbatim. The exact quote was: "You concealed your attic. You sealed it up and didn't allow the inspector to inspect it, so we have solid grounds to get out of our contract."

Um. Giant Doofus Heads, we don't have an attic. It's just ceiling, roof, and big blue sky up there. Your attempt at finding "cause" to release yourselves from your contract is lame and pathetic, at best, and we're onto you. Fulfill your obligations or we're holding you in breach of contract and suing you, along with alerting every real estate office in ABQ as to how you do business. I'm a stay-at-home mom with a child who naps for two hours every day. And I just so happen to have a phone book handy, already turned to the real estate section. Oh, and p.s. - Those who know me best know I have a BIG mouth.

Yes. I'm sad to say. That was pretty much my exact response.

Russ's response? Blink.

Their response: "Uh. Oh. We'll get back to you." (Translation: We're going to go back and try and find something else you "sealed up" that the inspector couldn't inspect.)

Dadgum it! People like this just make me want to scream potty words into the bath mat. Help me, Frank Costanza. I need some serenity. NOW.


Lisa said...

Uggh-o-rama. So sorry, you guys. That's enough to prompt some hives. I really hope it still works out and you can close. I can't believe he's popping up with this now.

Hope Soph is still in the "soft and non-bloated" state.

sarah p said...

what is with these people?

Kristie said...

Kristy, did you hear from them today?

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