Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"Stringy and Advanced."

It seems Baby Dax takes after his Uncle Russ. Not just in looks. But in skills as well.

Here is a video of him at seven weeks, rolling over. Rolling over. At seven weeks!!

And apparently not just accidentally, in an I-Have-My-Arm-Stuck-Under-Me-And-I-Managed-To-Flop-Over-To-Get-It-Out kind of way. Word has it that he does it over and over, without batting an eye. Almost immediately after he is put on his stomach...FLIP. All the while looking up at the open-mouthed people hovering over him like, "What's the biggee?" (For those of you like Dax, wondering what the biggee is, the norm for rolling over is 5-7 months! Months, not weeks.)

Of course, we shouldn't really be surprised. Dax comes by his "advanced state" honestly. His Uncle Russ walked at eight months, cut a mouthful of teeth at three months, and got in trouble for doing his cousin's third-grade math homework when he wasn't yet in kindergarten.

I admittedly didn't really believe Nana when she said that Dax was "doing push-ups off of his Mama's chest" in the hospital, when he was only a few hours old. In my head I did the "Ah. Okay, Nana..." (pat, pat) thing, thinking she was sleep deprived and hallucinating a wee bit in her Proud Grandma state.

Well, I believe her now! I'm telling you, there's no telling what Baby Stringy and Advanced is going to do before he's even three months old. Crawling? Talking? Doing Radiation Physics and Nuclear Reactor Theory?

Doesn't his expression is this picture say, "Back up and give me some running room, for Pete's sake!" Poor Amanda. Nothing like having to Baby Proof your house right after you've given birth.


Travis said...

They should go ahead and send that video to some college football recruiters...they'll know to have their eye on him from the get go!

Traci said...

Hi Kristy... I got your blog from Sarah P.. i so enjoy reading it!! Your hilarious!

I also have a daughter named Sophie!!

Kristy said...


Hi! I've read your blog off of Sarah's site as well. Did you recently cut your hair (or am I just way behind)? Either way, I love it! So cute.

Is your Sophie a little sassafrass, like mine is? I swear, sometimes I think the little Toot is trying to drive me to the Looney Farm. Ah, motherhood. =)

Anonymous said...

Dax looks just like Russell! Wouldn't it be weird if he grew up to act like him, too?! He definitely sounds advanced. Poor Amanda. Her work is cut out for her! Love, Mooms

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