Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Say Anything (...But That)

Sophie and I were hanging out in the office this morning...

Sophie: (Giggle...) "Mama, you're a lamp. Hello, lamp!"

Me: "Hello, computer."

Sophie: "Hello, diaper bag."

Me: "Hello, picture frame."

Sophie: (Hee. Hee...) "Hello, Stinky Breath."

Me: (Ah, okay.) "Hello, Crusty Nose."

Sophie: (Gales of giggles...) "Hello, Kleenex box."

Me: "Hello, fruit bowl."

Sophie: (Stunned silent. With a look of absolute shock and horror...) "Mama! I'm not a fruit bowl!!"


Oh, man. Apologies. My bad. Who knew "fruit bowl" was the one thing you should never call a three-year old.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to be called a fruit bowl, a fruit, a fruit loop, etc. either!

Kristy said...

Fruit bowl is worse than diaper bag?



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