Thursday, October 18, 2007

Russell's Trip To England

Well, as it turns out, downloading pictures from a camera isn't as hard as we were making it. Russ and I were trying to download the new Kodak software that came with his camera (which isn't compatible with the old Kodak software that goes with my camera) and somehow work out the kinks of the dueling softwares, to where I could still use my camera, while also being able to use his camera.


It was this big "What are we gonna do?" mess until our friend Mark, a.k.a Mr. Technology, said, "Hey (insert Hey, Doofuses), you know the memory card is compatible with both cameras, right? Why don't you just take it out of Russ's camera and put it in Kristy's camera and then download like you normally do?"

Um. McFly. Are you serious? We've been working on this problem for a week now, and that's all we needed to do?

Serenity now.

So, anyway...this is Mike and Sally and their two darling little girls, Hope and Amy. Hope has always reminded me of Sophie. The hair. The round face. The smile. And Amy apparently IS Sophie. Same personality, to a scary degree.

Sally is my very dear friend from Hendrix. She and I (and Ashley and Beth) were pretty much inseparable for four years. The four of us were like the Bobbsey Quads. Sal is one of the sweetest, CUTEST, most fun people in the entire world, and I miss her and her most excellent little accent tons! She and Mike live just outside of London, so while Russ was in Reading for his work conference, they offered to put him up for the weekend and show him the sights of London. (Apparently there was a bit of marital strife caused by the time constraints of Russell's visit. Mike had his list of "Must Sees", as did Sally, and it seems the lists didn't match up. However, they must have reached a point of harmony because Russ saw darn near everything there was to see in his 24 hours with them. They provided him an excellent running tour, as you'll see in the pictures below. Sally, my friend, you've always been good at planning an outing, and I see you still have the knack!)

But first, let's pause for a trip down Memory Lane. One of my first encounters with Sally at Hendrix involved a rapid introduction to the differences in the American vs. English vernacular. (Do you remember this, Sally?) We were freshmen, just barely moved into our new digs. I was in my dorm room one night, neurotically arranging and re-arranging my stuff, when I heard a knock on the door. I opened it to find Sally standing there...

Sally: "Sorry to bother you, but could I perhaps borrow a rubber?"

Kristy: (Mouth to floor. Holy heck, they warned me about college?!)

Sally: (Sensing my confusion...) "You know, one of those things that goes on the end of..."

Kristy: (MOUTH. TO FLOOR! And "borrow"? Oh, my.)

Sally: "...of a pencil."

Kristy: (Lightbulb moment. Exhale.) "OH! An eraser!!"


Yep. That pretty much was the start of four years of hilarious Language Confusion Moments. Others involved chips, biscuits, crisps, fairy cakes, braces, cardies, cozzies, dungarees, jumpers, knickers, nappies, bins, blowers, aluminium, and hoovers.

None of which is what it seems to be. A chip is a fry. A crisp is a chip. You see where I'm going...

And just to note, a "rubber" (as we know it) is called a Johnny over there. Hmm.


Now for a sampling of the pictures...

Mike and Sally's house.

Hope and Amy's sweet little playhouse.

Inside St. Albans Cathedral.

Mike, Russ, and Big Ben.

Russ and Sally at Trafalgar Square.

Russ and The Red Telephone Booth.

Russ outside of Buckingham Palace.

Russ and a Beefeater. (Not sure why the poor man is called that. Russ doesn't seem to remember why either.)

Outside St. Albans Cathedral.

The Thames River.

Tower Bridge.

Westminster Abbey


Dearest Mike and Sally,

Thank you so much for taking care of Russell while he was away. Even though it was brief, the time spent with you and your girls was hands-down the highlight of his trip. He went on and on about what a great time he had - how good it was to see you, Sally, again, how incredibly nice and interesting Mike was, how sweet the girls were. He said that you guys put your plans aside, welcomed him into your home, and treated him like family. For that, we are both so very appreciative. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. Please plan a trip to Arkansas soon. We would love to spend some time with you and show you the sights of NW Arkansas. ...And NOTHING would be cuter than hearing Hope and Amy call the hogs! Woo Pig Sooie! Can you even imagine how stinking sweet that would be coming out of their little mouths!

We love you guys!


Here are a couple of clips of Sally reading "Charlie and Lola" to Hope and Amy (a favorite of Sophie's). Do these accents not just make you want to squeeze them?? Seriously, Sally, hearing your voice again made me kind of teary. And smiley too. I miss you! Hopefully we can get the time difference thing figured out and work out a time to chat, without kiddies crawling all over us.

And here is one of Hope being Lola. Isn't she a DOLL! (And from what I hear, the girls had a bit of a crush on Russell. Listen to the giggles.)


sarah p said...

i am in LOVE with their accents! they seem so very nice...i want to meet them too! that's great that Russ could spend some time with them...that makes all the difference when you're in another country. it's so nice to be with people who know the area - looks like he had a great time! very nice pictures, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm the teary one! What an amazing write up - you make us sound so nice that I want to meet us!!
We were honoured to be able to play host to Russ. He was the perfect house guest and we all had a great weekend too. He was very good humoured when Amy took his hand and made him dance to the music in the middle of his breakfast!!
The photos look great. I can hardly believe the trip we talked about is over and the pictures are there for all to see! We just sat the girls down to look at the blog and they couldn't believe their pictures were on 'Sophie's' page. They then immediately said, "Can we hear Russell snoring?" The video clip of Russ from a few weeks ago is an absolute hightlight. It gets them giggling everytime!!
As for my 'rubber' story, Russell reminded me of it. It seems to get embellished everytime, I really don't remember that at all!I remember plenty of other 'lets laugh at Sally's language' nights!! Boy, I can't believe you remember so many words!! We need to get you over here, it would be soo funny to see your reaction to people's accents!!
Kristy, my friend, I'm so glad we are back in contact on a regular basis. Looking at the photos of college that I got down from the loft when Russ was here jogged so many happy memories. We must talk soon! Russell can translate for you - he's a real pro now!!
Love Sally

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing the pictues and the stories! I was actually double cracking up from accents since EVERYONE has an accent to a Californian! The combo of the british against the southern drawl was great!

Kristy said...

Aww. Thanks, Sally, for the nice response.

Sophie has watched the videos of the girls at least a hundred times already today. She has told me over and over, "Poke and Amy sound just like Charlie and Lola!!" She is seriously amazed. She can't even believe it. And then to hear her dad's voice mingled in with "Charlie and Lola", it's like he was in the presence of rock stars! I need to take a video of her watching the video of you guys. It's pretty entertaining.

Yeah. The "rubber story"...I'm sure I remember it much more vividly than you do. You were just using a normal word for you, asking for a boring 'ole eraser. But to me it was like, "Holy heck, we just met and she's asking me for a rubber!"

It was one of those memories that just stuck. =)

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