Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hold on, Toto!

One thing I definitely miss about Albuquerque...

The absence of tornadoes.

Oh, man.

There is some weird, wacky weather going on around here today. The air has been thick and still. And it's really hot and humid. (...Yeah, so much for the "Fall is finally here!" alert the other day. Sadly, we're back in shorts again.) And the sky is a bizarre Split Pea Soup color.

This can't be good. This I REMEMBER. And not fondly.

The current weather state is ominous enough to warrant discussing the entire hour my DVR was supposed to be recording Private Practice. I put Sophs to bed and flopped down to enjoy Addison and her hot doctor co-workers. But nope, nothing but a bunch of jazzed up old weathermen, talking about barometric pressure and what to do if you look out your window and see a funnel cloud.


I sincerely hope we're not all huddled together in our mud room tonight. ...If I hear anything resembling a train, I'm freaking out.


Anonymous said...

Is "once thing I learned" a New Mexico phrase or have you and Sophie been working on your own private language again?
Give our little personal tornado a hug and kiss from her Fafa.

Kristy said...



Apparently I just went all kooky in the face of the Twister-like weather.

Thanks for pointing out my "Private Language" moments. You and Mooms! You can't just let it slide, huh? =)

sarah p said...

ugh. i do NOT miss all of the tornado watches/warnings that Arkansas has to offer. we don't get near as many up here in Ohio. i'm with you - i HATE them.

Robert English said...

Hi kristy,
I wouldn't want to be in a twiser either. hurricanes are bad enough, but at least we get warnings in advance i guess. Sweet pics!

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