Sunday, October 21, 2007

Getting My Groove On!

Things have been getting a bit heavy around here lately, what with the mind-numbingly infuriating house situation. So I decided to share some video footage of Sophie. Getting her incredibly cute groove on.

To protect the identities of the "guilty", I'm not going to name any names. All dancers in this video shall remain anonymous (unless you happen to have hawk eyes and are able to identify their fuzzy faces off of the computer screen). I wouldn't want to jeopardize anyone's career as a school teacher. Or Fossil graphic designer. Or missionary. ...Or cause anyone to be shunned from her Childbirth Class, right when she's about to graduate.


Sophie likes to put in her request for this video by yelling from the study, "Hit me, Mama!"

I had to be fairly discretionary regarding which clip I picked to show. In most of the ones I shot, Sophs is yelling out, "Look at Blank!" Or "Blank and Blank are so funny!" Or "Mama! Watch me! I'm gonna dance in my underflare, just like Blank!"

But just so you know, oh Hilariously Guilty Ones, you guys have made a little curly-headed girl very happy...and giggly. This video is seriously her favorite thing to watch. In the whole world. It trumps Elmo. She asks to see it over and over, a gazillion times a day. (I happily oblige her, because I have to admit I get a giant kick out of watching it too.) And she'll dance to it 'til she plum near passes out. She is shirtless, by the way, because she got "Whoo, Mama, HOT!" and had to peel down.

Then she kept on 'a dancin'! Go, Sophs, go!! (Pardon her "almost plumber" issues as well. She has a fascination about using the back of her pants as a pocket. She sometimes likes to keep keys and coins and Kleenex handy back there.)


sarah p said...

oh, i LOVE it! she really was starting to look like Dylan on that 2nd video - should we be scared or impressed? =)
She must burn a million calories a second dancing around like that! I should get on that workout plan when I'm done getting this baby out.

Kristy said...

Is that not HILARIOUS??

I love that she has the little high-steppin-running-in-place thing down pat!

I'm going with scared. I think we should be scared that she looks so much like Dylan. =)

Travis said...

Hey Kristy - I have to admit, I've been to your blog multiple times, but am just now posting. Great video. Little gal is super cute, and a dancin' machine. When I saw what she was dancing to, I lost it.

Kristy said...

Hey Travis,

Thanks! She's a mess, that's for sure. I love how she says in the second clip that she's "getting her groove and trying to get some exercise".

Hee. =)

Robert said...

From the looks of it, she's got a tons of energy! You must run around chasing her all day!

Oh, and by the way, I'd sue those SOBs just out of principle....can you find out how often they've been sued for pulling shananigans like these? Or, call the ABQ Better Business Bureau and find out some information too.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the dancing!!! Go Sophie!!!

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