Monday, October 15, 2007


For the past month or so, we've felt a little like we landed on Mars. At least from a weather standpoint. In Albuquerque, around mid-September, it usually starts to get chilly. And by this time of year, it's down-right cold. As in "Brrr! Where did I put my ski parka and mittens?"

However, in Arkansas, it seems that's not really the way it works. (I guess I've forgotten lots in the twelve years since we've lived here.) Yesterday I was in shorts, pondering the whereabouts of fall. Missing fall, actually. I've always loved this time of year.

Well, (drum roll, please)...

Today fall appeared! Woo hoo!!

The air is crisp and has that fantastic "autumn smell". The leaves are starting to fall. And when Sophs and I went outside to sweep, we actually needed a sweater! (We stepped outside in our shorts and flip-flops and poor Sophie took a sharp intake of breath. "Mama! It's cold." We rapidly stepped back inside for some more seasonally appropriate clothing.)

* A tad confused about which end actually does the sweeping, but cute and making an attempt at helpful, nonetheless.

*"Like my funny hodge-podge outfit, Mama? You picked out the top half. I picked out the bottom half. Together we created QUITE the snazzy look."

* Sweet Sophs. Looking way too big for her Mama to stand.


sarah p said...

I am loving her hair! It's so funky and fun!

Love the new quote about not needing money from Sophie. So sweet. Can't wait to hear about his trip to England!

Kristy said...

Still working on the "download from the camera to the computer" thing. Hopefully Mark can fix it soon.

The problem is the new Kodak software. It's conflicting with the Kodak software that was installed for my camera.

Ah, the World of Technology. It's quite the pain in the rear.

Anonymous said...

It's the eyes that look older. Can you believe that Sophie and Sol will be 4 next birthday?! Love, Mooms

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