Friday, October 26, 2007

Extreme Gymnastics!

Have you ever been around one of those people who does everything to the EXTREME? Everything is go, go, go...hard, hard hard? The mentality seems to be "I'm going to be the BEST ever at this, or I'm gonna die trying! YEAH!" (Pump fist in the air.)

Well, Sophie is one of those people.

She plays hard. She sleeps hard. She eats hard (i.e cramming everything into her mouth in one big, messy, overflowing wad - Cookie Monster-style). She runs hard. She talks, laughs, and cries hard. She even whispers hard. "Mama, is this the library, where we're QUIET?!"

Even as she's sitting here beside me while I type, she's coloring hard. The whole desk is jiggling and I'm pretty sure she's going to dig a hole through the paper, the magazine, and the desk top. I'm constantly having to pause, put my hand on top of hers and say, "Sophie, honey, not so hard!"

So it only stands to reason that she approached her first gymnastics class with the same "hard" enthusiasm. First of all, there was no teary "Goodbye, Mom" from Sophie. Several of the other two and three year olds were struggling with quivery lips and obvious separation anxiety. They were clinging to the legs of their mothers, trying to let themselves be convinced that going to gymnastics wasn't the equivalent of having to go into surgery without anethesia. But nope, not Sophie. She just grabbed the hand of the instructor, told her her name and age, and away she went!

She loved the jumping, the twirling, the tumbling, the hanging from the bars. She loved the trampoline and the balance beam and working on the bouncy floor mat. The only parts she didn't love were having to hold the hand of the little girl beside her when they went from station to station and having to sit still, while she was waiting her turn. (Both of which are good for her though. Little Miss Antsy Pants needs to learn to be around other kids and have fun, while still controlling herself and listening attentively. Yes, she's three, I know. But still. You gotta start learning the way it works sometime, right? Thankfully a bright little yellow circle, designating "her spot", was just perfect for letting her know where she was supposed to be when it wasn't her turn to run like a wild banshee.)

I stayed during this visit, just to make sure she was okay - that the excitement of everything didn't make her barf, as is typically her super cool and very popular reaction to anything new. But she did just fine. So next time I'll probably use that hour to do some errands. Woo hoo! Freedom!!

When class was over, I asked her what she thought of things. Sophie's assessment of what gymnastics is? "It's running, and jumping and hanging, and telling Abby to stop poking me, and standing on a long stick, and getting a sucker and a paper from the teacher. It's so great, Mom!"


sarah p said...

Looks like she's going to be our next little Olympian. How fun for her! (and for YOU: getting an hour of freedom! Wa-hoo!)

You can tell she is lovin' it by those pictures. =)

Anonymous said...

Fia loves gymnastics too! Sophie looks like she is having a blast! Fia is on hiatus from class, she had a problem transitioning to class without mommy with the remodel. Hopefully in Dec we will be back in action. Enjoy you time "off"! said...

Im glad she is having such a good time. Love her smiles. I hope you enjoy doing your errands in peace.

Anonymous said...

Notice those well-defined little muscles when she's hanging on to the bar?! Sophie was made for sports. I enjoyed reading about her first time. I'm glad she finally got to experience the greatness of gymnastics. Love, Mooms

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