Sunday, October 14, 2007


Okay. So is it just me, having a bit of an Emotional Mom moment, or does Sophie look way older today than she did when we were in Mena...just a week ago?

I mean, seriously. It's like she's changing before our very eyes these days. And not just in appearance. It's everything - the way she talks, interacts with people, even the way she moves seems older. All of a sudden I'm "Mom", instead of Mama or Mommy. (Mom?!) And she's using words like "cool" and "totally"and "neat". And phrases like "Oh, well..." and "Maybe later..." and "Excuse me...". Oh, and then there's the ever-present, "I can do it myself!" assertion...followed by the Sheesh, Mom sigh.


Where does time go? Soon she'll be trotting off to kindergarten. That's the look she's giving me in this picture: "It's okay, Mom. I'm fine. Stop blubbering into your Kleenex and walk away before my friends realize you're with me."


At least she still pronounces some words like she's little. Anything beginning in "sm" is messed up, to a hilarious degree. It comes out sounding like "svf". Svfell. (Smell.) Svfoke. (Smoke.) "Uh oh. I svfell some svfoke!" has to be one of the cutest things she's ever uttered. Along with what she asked me this afternoon...

"Mom, may I have a Svfartie, please?"

Hee. It makes me svfile. =)

Ahh. Okay. Exhale. She's not all grown up yet.


Video: "I svfell some svfoke!"


Anonymous said...

I totally seems it was just yesterday and these girls were babies! Where did the time go?

So glad you are back home...I was starting to miss your updates!

Beth said...

The first thing I thought when I saw the first picture before I even read anything was, "Man, Sophie has really grown." Sorry, I know that doesn't help. I'm sure it's just the grownup looking clothes!

sarah p said...

Aw...she does look older in that first picture. This is such a fun age, though!

I agree, I'm glad you're back - we missed your posts!

Anonymous said...

How does that work? Mena makes Sophie look older and her Mooms feel older? Actually, I feel younger while I'm playing (all day) with her, then really old when 5:00 hits! The energy level, she ain't what she used to be! Love, Mooms

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