Sunday, October 28, 2007


This picture makes me want to kiss her sweet little face off.


Kristen said...

Me too! "Smoooch!"

sarah p said...

Very sweet.

Oh, that hair. I just love it! Can I just say how EXCITED I am to see you guys at Christmas? Seriously, I haven't seen Sophie in person in a couple of years...I feel like I hardly know this child (except through stories and pictures). I want to see her little personality in action. I'm so excited! We can swap take Baby P and I'll take Sophie. =) Won't it be fun to have all of us together? Makes me REALLY happy to think about it!

Kristy said...


Yes! Soooooooo excited.

You know me and Christmas - everyone has to be together, or I get droopy.

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh when all the picture finally came up! You know how slow my computer is---well, when it first started downloading, I wondered who was beside Sophie with that old-timey hairdo. I found out that was Sophie's Pebbles do! She looks younger in that picture....very sweet...angelic almost! Love, Mooms

Julie said...

Hey Kristy!
I haven't read your blog in a long time, it was fun to get back to it. (I have gotten re-acquainted with the blog world through Travis & Emily.) Anyway, you write a great one, and I adore your sweet little Sophie stories! She is a HOOT!

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