Friday, October 26, 2007

After England: The Loot

Meet Charlie and Lola and London the Bear - Sophie's three new best friends. (Actually Sophie, Charlie, and Lola go way back. They've been BFF for awhile now. But now London has received an exclusive pass to join the club as well.)

I've been meaning to write up this "After London" post for quite awhile now. But I guess I've been a little bit off my blogging game lately. (I blame Blogger, who was having trouble with its image uploading software for a day. Of course, that was THE DAY I had some free time and was going to post this. And I couldn't. And then I lost my "umph" after that. ...Everybody following my Blame Game logic?)

Anyway. Rambling.

Russ came home from England with four things:

1.) Stories about British hotels that looked lovely and "posh" from the outside, but were reportedly just this side of giant rat traps on the inside.

2.) Lots of wonderful pictures and videos from his visit with our friend from Hendrix, Sally, and her husband and two sweet little girls. (If you haven't yet seen the video clips of Hope and Amy, speaking in their TOO CUTE British accents, you really need to scroll to the bottom of the last post and hear them reading with their "mum". It'll make you want to adopt them...and Sally too!)

3.) A very empty belly from eating "tasteless, textureless cardboard" for twelve days. (The boy scarfed down some serious chicken wings that night, I'm telling you!)

4.) And PRESENTS for me and Sophie. Woo hoo!

*Hope and Amy's drawings of Charlie and Lola.

*Russell's bookmark from Hope. (I know everybody can guess who these two are!)

*Farrah's Olde English Toffee and an earring box for Mama.

*Sophie showing off her new shirt, with Lola in a headlock. (Yes, in her excitement, she forgot her need for pants.)

*Russ and Sophie (and Charlie, Lola, and London) relaxing on the couch.

*Feeding Daddy some delicious (and nutritious) raisins while he recovers from jetlag. (Seriously. Russ woke up with a mouth full going "Wrut the fwreck?!"

*SHHH! We're obviously sleeping, Mama.


Anonymous said...

It's obvious the theme of these pictures: Russell's tired, and Sophie's sure cute pretending to be! Clarification: Who are those two on the bookmark? Love, Mooms

The Mani said...

How funny...we just saw Charlie and Lola for the first time on TV the other day, and when I pulled up your blog, Sol recognized them right away. Very exciting that Uncle Russell got to go to England to meet them...(I must not have passed on the story quite right).

Fun presents, Uncle Russ!


sarah p said...

I think Baby P needs to get to know Charlie and Lola. I love them! They're so cute! Russell did a great job of bringing home great England gifts. The picture of that toffee made me want to eat it! And the jewelry box is so pretty! Nice work...

Kristy said...


On Hope's bookmark - that's Mike Wazowski and Sulley (from Monster's, Inc.)

Aren't their drawings cute? =)

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