Thursday, September 6, 2007

We made it!

Just wanted to write a quick note to let everyone know we made it. We are officially Arkansans. Woo hoo Pig Sooie! Phew. I'm telling you, moving long-distance is NOT easy. Even when you have packers and drivers, it's still just plum exhausting! We're making progress in setting up the house, but things are still in disarray. I feel like I spend the majority of my day looking for things, and not finding them. The packers had quite the "system" for boxing stuff up. The sugar is in with the toilet paper, curling iron, and a pair of tennis shoes. It's kind of exciting, like Christmas - you don't know what you're gonna get 'til the box is open and the paper is off.

Today we finally got reconnected to the world (phone, internet, cable were installed). Yes!

Russ is slowly settling into his new office at the University. Everyone there has been very friendly and helpful. (Now if only he could get connected to the UA internet system, he'd be good to go.) He misses his work buddies, I can tell. He told me today that the department secretary, Rene, has a little "Emily flair" about her. Apparently she has an opinion, and she isn't shy about expressing it! In a good way.

NW Arkansas is gorgeous. Hilly. Lush. Green everywhere. We are thrilled to be here. Mom and Dad have already made the very quick drive up from Mena to visit and help us settle in. It's so unbelievably amazing to have friends and family so close by. And Sophie, our little Social Butterfly, is just having a blast welcoming everyone. Every time the doorbell rings, she yells out, "Mama! Someone to see me!!"

Ahh. Life is good.

The living room is the only room that's in a state of Semi-Liveability (translation: Not Buried In Boxes), so it's the only picture that's "blog ready" right now. I'll post others as the place shapes up.


Val said...

Yey! Glad to have you back. The living room looks great! I'm sure Sophie is loving all the chaotic commotion of moving in.

I miss NW Arkansas....

sarah p said...

yea, yea, yea!

Been thinking a lot about you guys over the past week. So glad you are so close to family and back in the land of the Hogs. I'm uber impressed that your living room already looks like THAT. Good grief. You put the rest of us to shame on our moves! =) I love Sophie's new quote off to the right. So cute.

I miss NW Arkansas, too.


kathy said...

welcome to arkansas - can't wait to see you! tell Sophie that katty and steve will come see her next time we're in town!

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