Sunday, September 9, 2007

Through The Ears Of A Child

This morning Sophs and I were listening to music at the computer.


Sophie: "Oooh. I like this one. What's this song name, Mama?"

Me: "Do I Have To Say The Words?"

Sophie: "Yes, Mama. You have to say the words."

Me: "No, honey, that's the song's name: 'Do I Have To Say The Words?' It's by Bryan Adams."

Sophie: "Oh. But what are the words? You have to say them to me."

Me: "Well, there are lots of words in the song. But the song is called 'DO I HAVE TO SAY THE WORDS?' That's the name of the song."

Sophie: (Patting me on the leg...) "It's okay, Mama. You don't have to say the words if you don't want to."


About that time we hear Bryan belt out achingly (in typical "My-Lover-Has-Ripped-My-Heart-Out-And-Stomped-On-It" Bryan Adams ballad form): "Do I have to say the words? Do I have to tell the truth? Do I have to shout it out? Do I have to say the words?"

To which Sophie leans in, nose-on-the-speaker close, and exclaims, "YES!! SAY THE WORDS."

I almost launched fruit punch Crystal Lite out of my nose.

1 comment:

sarah p said...

LOVE it.
I loved that she just kind of gave up and gave you a little pat. Poor mama, she just doesn't know...

How's Arkansas treating you?

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