Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"Maybe I'm not made to be a Shooter."

Yep.  For those of you wondering, this really is how we pass a Saturday afternoon in Arkansas:


I'm not sure which is the most entertaining part of this video:

A. Annie's most excellent shooting form.

B. Walt, laughing like a crazy person in the background (while lovingly encouraging his "babe" to inflict a certain violent death upon an unsuspecting can).

C. Josh, shooing the chickens away so they don't get shot by Muffin. (Remember Bubba and Muffin, Walt? Uh huh. I'm thinking right about now maybe we shouldn't have made fun of them.)

D. The duck, unphased by the sound of the gun, who starts to run in front of Annie, then rapidly reverses his direction and heads for the hills upon hearing her scarier-than-a-gun-blast scream.


Sophie came up while I was mid-viewing, about to pee my pants. Her mouth fell open and she pointed at the screen.

"Mama!  Should Auntie Annie be shooting that gun?"

No, Sophie.  I feel pretty certain - she should not. =)


kathy said...

and don't you love how Josh carefully takes the gun from her hands...

Val said...

I laughed so hard at Annie's two reactions. First, the 4-second scream and then the, "Ow--my gosh!"

Anonymous said...

When are going to post something new? Some of us depend on you for fresh, original, funny stuff and you haven't posted anything since September 18. Love, Russ

Kristy said...

Ha! Good one, Russ.

Yeah, I haven't been feeling really bloggy lately.

Maybe it's because YOUR child is sucking the life out of me. ;)

Anonymous said...

I watched this yesterday (after waiting 20 minutes for it to download on my Neanderthal computer), and I hooted at Annie's bloodcurdling scream and Walt's immediate belly laugh that gets me going everytime. What a dynamic duo! Love, Mooms

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