Monday, September 10, 2007

Thirteen Years Ago...

September 10, 1994


Our wedding was beautiful, the perfect day that I had been dreaming of since I was a little girl. There were more people on the guest list than would fit into the tiny church that I grew up in, so we had the ceremony in the "big fancy church" (as we called the Presbyterian Church in town).

The music was gorgeous. I got chill-bumps as I walked/ran down the aisle to the sound of trumpets. My poor dad couldn't keep up with my Get-Me-To-My-Hunky-Groom pace. I was almost a full step ahead of him (in effect dragging him by the arm), when he reached out with his other hand and pulled me back. "Slow down a little bit, Cheech", I remember him whispering.

Decorating the church were enough candles and flowers to satisfy even a fanatic candle/flower lover like myself. In fact, one might have a case in saying there were too many candles. The combination of a narrow and tricky shaped aisle and FIRE at every step as I navigated the aisle (in a cathedral length train) almost led to an "America’s Funniest Home Videos" moment. Train, plus corner of pew, plus high heels, plus candle, plus nervous, shaky bride…you see where I’m going. Thank goodness for a quick-handed lunging guest, or my perfect day could have been a tad crispy.

Despite that one little comedic mishap, everything was a dream come true. God’s presence could be felt all around. Everyone we loved surrounded us. I felt happier than I’ve ever felt in my entire life. It was a great day -- full of love, laughter, and life-long memories.


In the words of the great Chip Forbes: Happy "Thirteen Years, No Divorce", Russ. I love you.


sarah p said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Holy cow! I can't believe you've been married for 13 years! That would've made me...15. Wowza. Was I that young at your wedding? Seems like yesterday.

You two are the sweetest couple. Congratulations on 13 years. That is QUITE the accomplishment!

kathy said...

Happy Anniversary from the Schultes! So glad you could celebrate it in Arkansas. Your mom looks about 15 years old in that first picture! I did the math, that can't be right...

The Mani said...

Happy Anniversary Cheech and Russ! To me you've always been married, because that's how you were when I met you. : )

Kristy, I love the picture of you peeking out from your veil. We have that one up in our guest room. You look gorgeous!

We love you guys!


Val said...

Aw, Happy Anniversary! Those are great wedding pictures. I hope you and Russ had a wonderful day together.

I love the quote!

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