Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"It's going to be fine, really."

This has been the little mantra repeated over and over to me this morning by Aunt Kay. Every time I walk out into the garage, eyes wide, mouth open, she immediately goes into Paint Counselor mode: "It'll be okay, Kristy, I promise. Pay no attention to this color. This is not the color it will be when it dries."


Let's hope not.

Right now the color is a far cry from the one we spent an hour choosing at Lowe's last night.

Immediately when Mom and I stepped outside and saw the dresser, the Who-Picked-The-Color Blame Game started.

Mom: "Whoo, I'm certainly glad you picked that color."

Me: "Hey! You were the one who yelled out 'I found it!' and said that swatch was the closest match to the pillow. "

Mom: "Yeah. But, I think maybe the other one was better."

Me: "No. You said..."

Mom: "Well, yeah. I know. But, it's really not what I..."

Kay: "Ladies. Please. Don't give the color another thought. It's going to be just fine when it dries."

Let's hope so.

Fire Engine Red With A Swirl Of Hot Pink Hooker Lipstick was not the shade I was attempting to pick out for Sophie's furniture.


Russ had to return yesterday to Albuquerque for the first of his many telecommuting trips back for classified work, so Mom and Kay came up to visit for the few days he will be away. (This way Sophs and I aren't lonely and I don't have to fritz out at the many unidentified bumps in the night. I tend to wait On Alert for the Boogey Man's arrival, clutching a golf club with a hammer handy under the bed, when I'm all alone after dark.)

We figured this would be the perfect time to have guests (guests with Home Improvement capabilities). So we hired Paint Extraordinaire Kay to come up and paint several pieces of furniture, in an attempt to de-crappify them and make them worthy of being in our new nice house. Our decorating "theme" thus far in our married life has pretty much been Early Attic. We've acquired a few new pieces along the way. But for the most part, our stuff is still a lovely hodge-podge of mis-matchy furniture, given to us by parents. Don't get me wrong, we're extremely grateful. Our dwellings would have been pretty bare without their hand-me-downs. Everything has been functional (and more importantly) free. But now it just doesn't really live up to it's super fine new surroundings. ...YET.

Kay's job is to spiffy it up and make it all purdy.

Being the most excellent painter that she is, I trust that she will do exactly that. I trust her knowledge and expertise in this field. I trust when she says, "Kristy, unclench. It will not be that color in the end...", that it will not be that color in the end.

So. I am attempting to remain relaxed. I am attempting NOT to make the "Oh, my gosh, ABORT!" face every time I step out into the garage. I am attempting to trust someone who knows more than I do about these sort of endeavors.

That's why I didn't TOTALLY freak out when I walked out and found my "Ceyenne" office cabinet looking like this...

Putrid Peach With A Swirl Of Baby Poo. Ah. Isn't it lovely?


Mooms, Sophie, and I have been having MUCH more fun (not working). Yesterday we found a really cute wooded park fairly close by, with tons of kids. Sophie was in heaven. She ran around from kid to kid (and dog to dog) asking everybody, "What your name is?" And she told us the airplane rocky-thing that she played on was "the best ride ever!" It was pretty darn cute!

Today we plan to hit the furniture shops in search of a dining room table. Mom seems to have this nifty plan that involves me cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year. When I reminded her that we don't have a table yet (other than our little breakfast nook table), and therefore, do not have any place to sit lots of people, she promptly said, "Oh! We can give you your Christmas money early, if you want!"

Ah, a woman with a plan.


P.S Oh, man. HUGE urgent prayer request: I just got a call from our realtor in ABQ. The investor who has the contract on our house is threatening to back out of closing. He is asking for another month to "secure a loan and try and find a person to sell/lease the property to". That's an additional month tacked on to the closing date he requested, which was already a month beyond when we wanted to close in mid-August. Which for us would mean either having another month with two mortgages. Or it would mean we would have to sue the investor for the earnest money (he could play the "I need another month" game indefinitely in the current market) and put the house back on the market. So what should we do? Good question. Because as George so niftily reminded me when I was all bowed up on the phone this morning and ready to fight somebody, "All of the cards are in the buyer's hands until closing." Neat. Now I have to go barf up my breakfast.


sarah p said...

I like the red! And K's right. It'll be better after it dries and has the proper coats. Red is always a hard color to pick. If you hate it in the end, you can always make it work by adding another color to it, or something. Nothing is permanent. Remember that. =) You could always try a crackle or something over it so that the red is what is showing through...just an idea.

How fun that your mom and K are there right now! I would absolutely LOVE to be there helping to paint furniture. I love doing that kind of thing. OOOH, and finding a dining room table - super fun. One day we're going to get to go looking for one of our very own. (Our furniture situation is quite like yours: hand-me-downs and FREE) World Market has many tables that I covet on a regular basis. Do they have a World Market in Fayetteville? I love it there.

Have fun with the fam! Tell them hello for me!

kathy said...

Red is always a winner! Stay with it - it will be great! Sounded like you guys were having a great time when I called - I want to see pictures on here..

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with everyone else, I love the red! How did the peach piece turn out? I had a peach bedroom in highschool and the color has never been the same since!

Kristy said...

Just wanted to let everyone know, the red is REALLY good now.

I like it!!

The "peach" office cabinet is also good. It's a nice spiced pumpkin-y shade of burnt orange.

I will post pictures as soon as everything is dry and has its hardware back on.

Val said...

That's great to hear that the paint crisis has been averted! I have to be constantly reassured when I'm painting too, and it always does end up looking just like the swatch...

I'm praying about your other house! What a stress...ugh!

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