Sunday, September 23, 2007

Doodles With A Dirt Clod

Yesterday afternoon while Russ was mowing, Sophie released her artistic talents on the patio. She found a hard clump of dirt and started doodling. (Better than her last spontaneous Picasso moment - a Sharpie Marker to her Pottery Barn chair. That creative expression was not very well received.) She's sans shirt, by the way, due to a barfing incident from the "yucky smell" outside.

She told me she drew a butterfly. Is it just my "Mom's Eye", or can you guys see it too?



Here are the long overdue "after" pictures of the furniture painting adventure. The chair is currently in Mena with Kay getting a new upholstery fabric, so I don't have shots of it yet.

Sophie's dresser:

The china cabinet (with a stain added for a distressed look). I absolutely love how this turned out. It's almost a spot-on match to the kitchen cabinets:

The office cabinet:

I'm not sure what I want to put in the big, open area at the top. It's supposed to have a shelf, but apparently that shelf never made it off the moving truck. So until I can have my dad make a new one to fit, anybody have any super cool ideas as to what would look good in there? Should I have mom whip out her fabulous pottery skills once again? Maybe something vase-like, with some dried curly twigs in it?


Anonymous said...

I can definitely see the "butterfly" too :) Does Sophie love to draw? Fia is always drawing...I will have to send you a pic of her "daisy"

Kristy said...

She LOVES to draw.

Unfortunately, it's sometimes on unapproved surfaces...with unapproved drawing materials. Like Sharpie Markers.


Anonymous said...

Cheech, It looks like a baby bird eating a worm. Check with Sophs and see if that's what she really meant. Maybe it's a butterfly instead of a worm that the bird is eating. Mooms says out of all the pottery you took from your last Mena visit, surely there is one tall enough for that spot!!!!!! All those exclamation points are directly from her hand. Faf

Kristy said...

Oh, but see, Mooms, all of THAT pottery already has found a home throughout the house. ...And to move it would just be cruel.


I wouldn't mind if you made something just specifically for the office cabinet. =)

Robert English said...

I say put Russ to work and have him make the shelf for the office cabinet. :-)

Furniture all looks great! Good job! Even my dad would be proud (he does this stuff for a living, or at least he used to before he started working with Sherwin he helps companies (that use Sherwin Williams chemicals) fix their problems in their factories.

Anonymous said...

You moved Sophie, and that didn't seem cruel! In face, I think she's the better for the move. Apply that to one of my pots! They're both made of clay. Love, Mooms

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