Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Date With Daddy-Dearest

* Gig 'Em, Aggies!

*Big cheese from a Little Aggie.

*Lots of hugs for Daddy.

* Practicing our Aggie yells and hand signals for the game.


With Russ's trip to England coming up in just a few days, daddy and daughter decided to have a little Alone Time today: a date at Buffalo Wild Wings. The plan was to have some yummy wings and watch the Aggies play Baylor on the jumbo screens. Both dressed in their Aggie Finest and did a few practice "whoops" and "Gig 'Ems" before heading off to meet up with some of the other Aggies in the area. (Sophie kissed me bye and instructed me on her way out the door, "You stay right here, Mommy, okay. This is just me and Daddy now.") Hopefully when Russell returns at the end of the game this afternoon, he will be significantly happier than last week when the Ags got whomped by Miami. Yowie. That was not fun. Shared humiliation on the big screen feels even worse than one alone on the 36-incher back at the house. Loud Aggies tend to turn into mouse-like silent Aggies when there's a butt-whooping going on.

As for poor mom left back at home...

Well, I plan on enjoying a little Alone Time as well (since I won't be having any more anytime soon with Russ away for two weeks). For a blissful two and a half-ish hours, I plan to: Catch up on some blog reading. Peruse this month's "Real Simple" magazine. Listen to a few tunes on my iPod. Make a Red Baron 4-Cheese pizza (they're actually pretty darn good!, said the former Hater Of All Frozen Pizzas). Maybe do a little more unpacking around our new little nest, and then take a long bubble bath.

Yes, siree, I'm making the most of these few hours by myself.

Oh! And I'll be thinking about our guys in maroon on the field, even if I'm not planning on watching them.

Gig 'Em, Aggies! Whoop!.


See. This is what spending time with Sophie does to a person:

...A formerly Able-Bodied, formerly Non-Snoring Person. At the late, late hour of 9:40 in the p.m. Oh, man. Anybody know how to fashion a Breathe-Right Strip out of a regular band-aid and a toothpick? Or maybe I shouldn't do that, huh. We all remember my last home-made remedy.

(And you guys wonder why Miss Clairol is my new best friend? This is poor Russ, totally wrecked after just one afternoon of child care.)


Robert English said...

Damn Russ, you're gonna wake up the neighborhood....take it easy! I think of that Johnny Cash sone, "I hear that train a'comin, rollin' round the bend".

Kristy said...

Great comment, Robert. =)

Bring on the pictures of Jillian, by the way. It's been too long since I've seen any shots of that little Cutie.

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